Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Proof is in the Pin!

Well Hellooo!! I’m linking up with Sarah at Life {Sweet} Life again this month! I know what you’re thinking… Girl’s got about a million more important things to blog about than Pinterest projects! And it’s true…I do. And I will. (I know. Same story, different day.)

Moving on.

This month I tried a few new pins. Yay me!


First up: Perfect Polish Every Time – Perfect polisher, I am not. Especially when doing my toes. Or my right hand. And sometimes my left hand. Put lotion around your nail/cuticle and if you get polish on that area of the skin, it will wipe right off! Even if it’s been several minutes and “dried.” I tried this out and it worked. Score! Hey MOM! You should try this! =)


Pin #2 Oily Hair “Dry Cleaner” – I’ve never used dry shampoo. My hair is oily 24 hours after washing it (thanks, Mother) so unfortunately I have to wash my hair every.single.day.  Well, unless I’m feeling super lazy and know that I’m not going anywhere that day and feel okay with having skanky oily unwashed hair at home. Anyway, I’ve never used dry shampoo. My mom told me once that they never worked for her, so I just chose not to waste my money trying them out. But recently I’ve head a lot about dry shampoo and thought about giving them a try? I saw this pin for homemade dry shampoo for oily hair so I figured why not? Three easy ingredients (and one of them is water.) I tried it… but I’m not really sure how to judge it. Are normal dry shampoos aimed at oily hair? I used this one afternoon when I was going to take Christopher to a local indoor play place after I had picked him up from daycare. I thought my hair looked less oily and it was okay for just running a quick errand out, like to the grocery store or somewhere for a few hours one day – but I’m not sure if it’s something that would work all day for me.


Pin #3Snickerdoodles – UUUHM. YUM.  I ran across this recipe one day and made them the very next day. I hadn’t had Snickerdoodle cookies in quite a while. I like the simplicity of them. Sugar cookies with a hint of cinnamon. These are REALLY good. I’ve actually made them twice since originally coming across the recipe. They’re soft, chewy, buttery… delicious. Plus they use ingredients that I always have on hand. It’s definitely something that’s going into my recipe book for many many future uses!

Here’s a link in case you missed my “Proof is in the Pin” post last month!

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  1. I love snickerdoodles! I might have to make those now... it's been years since I had one!

  2. I saw the pin about putting lotion around your toes/fingers and wondered if it worked...thanks for the heads up! Oh and those cookies look amazing!


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