Saturday, October 27, 2012

4-year Anniversary

Mine and Stephen’s 4-year anniversary (what what?) was September 21st. We kind of love Branson. We have basically unlimited condo use in the odd years, but not in the even years, so we hadn’t been all year. I was needing to buy fall clothes for Christopher, so it was the perfect time to go.

I originally thought to have my mom keep Christopher, but then decided to ask my mother-in-law if she wanted to meet us there and keep him. Of course, she jumped at the chance to see us Christopher, and I’m so glad we did it this way. We both ended up staying in the same hotel – sheer coincidence thanks to Priceline Negotiator, but it was fine.


We got there on Friday and ate at Fuddruckers. We’ve kind of made it a tradition… that’s the first place we go when we get to Branson!


We met Nana and PopPop there.


After Fudds, we all went to play miniature golf. We happened to find this “Dinosaur Canyon” place, which worked out great because Christopher was really into dinosaurs at the time. (See yesterday’s post: Dora the Explorer.)


Golf for C was free – and I’m so glad, because he lasted about 3 holes before he decided he was d-o-n-e. Not to mention his idea of getting the ball to go in the hole was to just walk right up to it and hit the ball in from 2 inches away. By the time we were done, he was exhausted. (His nap was completely skipped this day.)

We checked into our hotel and took a little break and tried to get C to nap, but it didn’t happen. Nana and PopPop got checked in and we dropped the kiddo off at their room.

That evening, Stephen and I went to see a show. This was the first time we’ve gone to Branson and actually watched a show. It’s hard to do when you have a toddler with you, so we’d never been before. (I’ve seen several shows in Branson when I vacationed there with my parents, but it was Stephen’s first.)

We watched the Legend of KungFu, which Stephen had been wanting to go see since they first came to Branson. We both though it was just okay.


After the show we ate at Olive Garden. We really enjoyed this evening out together!


On Saturday, we went outlet mall shopping. A&W for lunch at Tangers…


Then on to the Branson Landing for more shopping and – of COURSE – Cantina Laredo for dinner. It’s another Branson Staple for the O family. We met Christopher and my in-laws there for dinner.

Beef Fajita Nachos for me, Chicken Quesadillas for Stephen, and Fried Apple Pie for everyone to share for dessert. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


We may or may not love Branson for the food as much as the shopping, shows, and theme parks.

It was still fairly early when we left the Landing, and Stephen and I didn’t really feel like going back to the hotel yet, so we drove around hoping to find something that would catch our attention. We decided on the Hollywood Wax Museum, which neither of us had ever been to.


It wasn’t too bad. Nothing I’d ever do again…but fun to see.  We did get roped into one of those timeshare viewing things while we were there. Neither of us really wanted to do it but each thought the other did, so we ended up making an arrangement to do one on Sunday morning before we left.

After the Wax Museum we went back to the hotel. The next morning we did the timeshare thing… took a few hours but we got $50 and a two night stay in a hotel out of it.

We headed home Sunday (after picking up Krispy Kreme, duh.)  We had a great weekend and I’m so glad we were able to take Christopher with us so that he could spend time with his grandparents. He cried on the way home because he “couldn’t play hide-and-seek with Nana anymore” and for several days after we were back in Mena, he asked to go back to the hotel so he could see Nana and PopPop.

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