Wednesday, October 24, 2012

purging my iPhone camera roll

HEY! Guess who’s up at 12:30, procrastinating homework (I always say I’m going to do it on Tuesday, yet somehow I’m always rushing it last-minute on Wednesday.)

This is pretty much an iPhone picture dump post. They need to go on here before they get lost in the black hole that is my iPhone camera roll.

I can’t tell you when this day was exactly (well, I could if I went to enough trouble, but I’m not gonna) but it was obviously warm because he was wearing shorts. We had been outside playing and he said “Oh NO! Mama! It’s raining! I need my rain jacket!” and ran inside the house to grab this jacket. Love the imagination. =)

“Mama, I wear dis.”

Taken today. He was wearing only socks, undies, and a backpack full of toys.

Jasper…I always find him sleeping in the funniest positions.

I love these dogs SO much.

Bath time is one of his favorite times of the day.


Was he ever really this small? When did he grow up!? This feels so long ago… yet also like it was just last week.

My favorite wintertime treat. (I use mine in hot chocolate, of course.)

We had a picnic in the back of the Murano one night at my parents house while we were waiting on them to show up. I still haven’t cleaned the crumbs out of the back of the car. This is a definite “CHEEESE” face. Ha!

My 27th birthday.

I dressed him this morning and brushed his hair… when he walked out of the bathroom, Stephen told him he looked like Sheldon Cooper. (If you don’t know who Sheldon Cooper is… please, for the love of all that is good, watch The Big Bang Theory. CBS. Thursday nights. 7:00 Central. You’re welcome.)

Stephen, Christopher and I rode with my parents to Texarkana to meet with B and Ty for my birthday dinner.

Olive Garden. Lasagna Fritta. That is all.

He decided he’d rather play in the gravel than ride his bike.

Riding the “train” that my parents had at their house before Wheels & Wings. He loved this!

He loves to go fast!

I downloaded this a few weeks ago. Love.

Baxey and Christopher…sweet friends. After 3 years, I think Baxter is finally getting used to Christopher.

Playing at the park one day last week.

I turned my back for two minutes and when I came back into the room they were both up on the couch. Spoiled.

My mom and I did this last week. SO much fun stuff.

Jasper just doesn’t realize that he is a 70-pound Boxer instead of a 10-pound lap dog.
A few weeks ago (the Tuesday before my birthday) we decided we needed to get rid of him (something we had tossed back and forth for several months) and a sweet family with two boys offered to take him as their new pet. When he walked away with them I had a panic attack. And I cried. For days. Not kidding. Stephen felt awful about it and we even discussed over the weekend the possibility of talking to the people and asking for him back. She texted me on Monday and said that they weren’t going to be able to keep him and asked if we perhaps wanted him back? I basically threw down the groceries I had just carried in from the store and jumped in my car and drove to her house as quickly as possible to get him. And I am SO SO SO glad that he is back HOME.

Happy Wednesday!

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