Friday, October 26, 2012


I know that I’ve mentioned my love for Instagram before. I love it.


If you don’t follow me on Instagram… well, you’re missing out. @stephn85

On Thursdays, some Instagram users take part in “Throwback Thursdays.”  I feel the need to explain that…but really, you should be able to figure it out on your own.

Here are my #TBTs for yesterday.

Ty and me… cruise, Summer 2003.

Ty and B (everybody together now… awwwww.) Their 6-month anniversary… Summer 2005.

Christopher… I’m not positive but I would guess this is circa early 2011?
One of my Instagram friends mentioned that it looked like he had gotten into my stash of…um, let’s just say a certain illegal substance. Um, wow. There’s even a little plastic baggie right there and everything. I feel the need to EXPLAIN that he had gotten into those cabinets right next to him, which had a bit of a musty smell, so I had put a bag of baking soda in there to try to help the smell. It is NOT an illegal substance.

And this cutie patootie? This is my husband! I asked him what age he was in this picture and he guessed 8, but then later said he may have been younger. UUM, Hello. Christopher looks more like Stephen than I realized.  That’s Stephen’s chihuahua Scooter with him. I don’t like chihuahuas (aka: rat dogs…sorry, chihuahua lovers) but I’m forbidden of talking bad about them because Stephen loved this dog and he died in a really sad way. I’m only halfway joking about the rat dogs part.

If you missed it… I actually already blogged once today! Scroll down or click –> Dora the Explorer, (alternatively titled Shoot Me Now.)

Happy Friday, people!

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