Monday, September 17, 2012

Week in the Life, Day 4

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our Sunday was booorrring.

8:15 – up with Christopher. I make him breakfast and while he eats, I get his church clothes ready.
8:45 – dress C for church, wait for his grandparents to pick him up. we play with toys while we wait.
9:10ish – my parents come by to pick him up. my mother-in-law calls and I talk to her for about 20 minutes
9:30-11:00 – I vacuum, put away dishes, clean up the kitchen, clean out the fridge and freezers. Housework never ends.
11:00 – Stephen gets up, we discuss plans for the day
11:20 – I get in the shower
11:45-12:30 – get dressed, hair done, makeup, etc.
12:30-2:00 – go pick up C from my parents house, go to Walmart for weekly shopping trip
2:30-4:00 – C naps, at 3:30 Stephen went to meet with the football coach for his post-game interview. I watch 2 episodes of Criminal Minds.
4:30-6:00 – prep/cook dinner. We had filet mignon, potatoes, (roasted for me and C, baked for Stevo) mushrooms, and green peas. This took awhile because Stephen was walking back into the living room every 2 minutes to watch the Cowboys game
6:45-7:30 – clean up from dinner, then I got down in the floor and played trains with Christopher for 30 minutes or so. He is so good with independent play, but he also loves it when others get down on his level and play his games with him. He giggles and is in such a good mood. I treasure this time with him!
7:45 – Bedtime for C
8:00 – Stevo and I watch Big Brother
9:00 – Stephen starts watching The Green Lantern. As in, the movie. No, thankyouverymuch. Saw it in the theater. That was plenty for me. I retreat to our bedroom and watch 2 episodes of…wait for it… Criminal Minds.
11:00 – Stephen’s movies goes off and we watch Breaking Amish together
12:00 - bedtime!

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