Thursday, September 13, 2012

Week in the Life, Day 1

I've noticed several people have been doing "Day in the Life" posts recently. I thought I might do one... except since I don't have a job that I work 9-5 every day or even a similar daily schedule, I'm thinking about doing maybe a "Week in the Life" post. Maybe 5 or 7 days? Can I really commit to posting 7 days in a row? I'm going to attempt it. Ha.

Week in the Life – Thursday
6:00 - alarm went off, I hit snooze twice
6:15 - in the shower
6:30 - out of the shower, Hubby jumps in
6:30-6:40 mousse in my hair, blow dry, make up on
6:50 - wake up C, get him dressed
7:05 - Stephen & I are in the car to take C to daycare
7:30 - Stephen & I are on the road to Arkadelphia for the day
9:00 - arrive in Arkadelphia, Stephen goes to class
9:00-10:00 - I sit in the car, catch up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, waste time
10:00 - I meet with my Marketing group in the library to work on a paper and discuss marketing project (this is why I'm in Arkadelphia today, I normally wouldn't be on Thursdays)
10:00-11:15 - group meeting
11:30 - pick up my darling sister-in-law and head to lunch with her
11:30-12:40 lunch with Britney, gripe about school, talk about baby fever, gripe about husbands (more me than her!)
12:40-1:10 - sit in car at HSU parking lot and chat with B for a few more minutes
1:15 - B heads to work, I run a few errands on campus
1:30-2:40 - I hang out in the air conditioning and waste time blogging (ha!)
2:40-5:00 - Stevo and I fill the car up with gas, drive to Mena, pick up C from daycare, and come home
5:00-6:45 - I felt almost comatose on the drive home – Stephen drove and I was so sleepy – but after we got home I suddenly got a burst of energy. When we got home I got Christopher some apple juice and he asked to watch Dino Dan (his latest obsession). Stephen was playing a game on his iPhone so I took the opportunity to clean and pick up the house like a madwoman. I think I got more done in that hour and a half than I do most days when I’m home alone while Christopher is at daycare. Cleaned, picked up, made dinner, ate.
6:45-7:30 - we all go outside, play with the dogs, run around the yard, jump on the trampoline, etc
7:45 - get C changed into pjs, brush and floss teeth, tuck him in, say our prayers
8:00 - I sit down for the first time since being home, with the exception of dinner. Big Brother time!
8:00-9:00 - Stevo and I watch Big Brother (Team Ian!)
9:00-whenever Stephen and I are night owls, so we usually stay up waaayyy later than we should. We watch tv, play Wii, waste time. We usually stay up until midnight, sometimes later…but we’re both tired tonight so I think we may actually try to go to bed earlier than normal.

Jesus, YES!

I’m not sure what song this is? Christopher goes to children’s choir at church on Wednesday nights and has been singing “Jesus, YES!” over and over. This is on the way home from daycare today. I can’t wait to watch him perform in front of the whole church!

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