Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

We stayed in on Friday evening. We usually play cards with my parents on Friday nights, but we didn’t this weekend. I did my C25K run that evening. I did Week 5, Day 1 – for the third time. I try to do each week until I can successfully complete it, at least once or twice. During Week 5, you do a different run each day instead of the same run three times. Well, last week I did Week 5 Day 1 three different times and I still didn’t successfully complete it, which is frustrating, to say the least. I hate spending a whole week on just One Day of the program… it just drags out the entire “9 Week Program.”  I’ve already had to take two weeks on some of the program where it calls for only one week. BUT that’s okay… I’m going to keep doing it until I can complete Week 5 Day 1 and I will just move on from there. Doesn’t matter if it takes me 9 Weeks or 39… I’ll complete it. =)

On Saturday morning we woke up early (7am – early for a Saturday morning for us!) and headed to our old house to do some cleaning up in the yard. Last fall we had trimmed several big limbs off a tree in our front yard and then moved them to the backyard and planned to burned them. Then we moved and were busy, yadda yadda, whatever. Then it became summer and it seems like we’ve been under a burn ban since June. Anyway, we really needed to clean up around the yard so my parents met us over there and we hauled limbs, mowed, cut back bushes and even cut down a mimosa tree! We worked for almost four hours and it looks SOO much better. We’re hoping it sells soon.

{please ignore the white trash neighbors across the road from us}

IMG_3645Mimosa – all loaded up. We had three heaping trailer-fulls and one pickup-bed full that we hauled off.

IMG_3644My dad climbed up in a tree to cut down a few dead limbs.

We came home around noon and all had showers (or a bath in Christopher’s case) and then tried to take a nap – but none of us ever fell asleep – including the three year old. That evening we took my parents out to eat to thank them for their help.

Today we have been lazy bums. We did manage to venture out to Walmart this morning… we were trying to beat the after-church crowd, but apparently so was half the town. It was busy at 10 this morning. After Walmart we ate lunch and just watched TV. We were total bums. When Christopher went down for his nap at 2, Stephen and I laid down for a nap as well. I told Stephen that I wasn’t tired and that neither of us needed to nap… and then I woke up three hours later. Ha. I rarely take naps. Christopher wasn’t even awake yet… so I guess he was making up for his lack of nap yesterday.

We picked up The Vow from Redbox when we were at Walmart this morning and we’re watching it right now. (The reason for any typos in this blog post – I’m having a hard time paying attention and writing at the same time.) Good ending to a good weekend!

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