Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the dentist

Christopher and I made a trip to Ft Smith yesterday so that he could go to his first ever dentist appointment! It was my first day trip out of town alone with him. I knew we would be at the dentist right during nap time, but he did fine all day long. And he was great for his dentist appointment! A little shy (nothing out of the ordinary there) and a little skittish at first with the dental hygienist… but otherwise perfect!

We ate lunch at Geno’s when we first got to town. My absolute favorite pizza, hands down.

photo (1)

After lunch I ran to a few stores to get a few items I needed…then we headed to the dentist’s office. I didn’t think to take pictures of the inside of the office but it was set up really neat for kids. (It was a pediatric dentist.)



They said his teeth look great – no cavities! He was SUCH a big boy during his appointment.  Of course, he knew that if he acted like a good boy then he’d get ice cream afterwards! Ha!

We went to Cherry Berry for some fro-yo. I tried a sorbet they had out – Strawberry Lemonade. Oh my goodness! Delicious! And fat free/dairy free! Yum. Christopher asked for chocolate with mini M&Ms and strawberries and a cherry on top! (And a little Strawberry Lemonade like mom.)



Above: he approved of the fro-yo
Below: dancing and singing



I love the drive between Mena and Poteau – the Ouachitas are so pretty.


I also love quiet car trips where I don’t have to hear the words “WHY? WHY MOMMY?” a thousand times. =)

photo (2)

Funny story – on the way from Geno’s to the dentist, Christopher started playing with his cup from Geno’s in the backseat. He pulled the straw out then couldn’t get it back in the lid, so I had him had it to me. I told him not to play with his water and that I would get him something to drink once we made it to the dentist. WELL he’s three and doesn’t listen to me – so for whatever reason he decided to stick his FINGER in the straw hole. We’ve all done that, right? And it gets stuck and hurts like heck sometimes. Yeah… happened to Christopher yesterday! He started whining (WE’RE ON THE INTERSTATE AT THIS POINT) about his finger being stuck and when I realized what he’d done I just started laughing. (My Mother of the Year Award is on its way, I’m sure.) I told him that’s why he should listen to his mommy and not mess with stuff when I tell him not to and that I couldn’t help him because I was DRIVING. His finger was stuck – hurting – and he couldn’t/wouldn’t move it. I finally exited off the interstate and got to a stop light where I could reach back and help him….but of course first I had to document the funny moment!


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  1. Poor kid but hey i bet he learned his lesson and probably won't stick his finger in the straw hole again. :)


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