Thursday, August 2, 2012

I have been trying to do my C25K runs on MWF, as those are the days that work best for both mine and Stephen's schedule. On Tuesday, I started Tony Horton's Power90 at-home boot camp. (Not the same as P90X, more of an introduction to it.) I plan on alternating days. Stephen and I packed up our scale because I can get obsessive with weighing myself when I'm dieting. I set a date for me to weigh myself a few weeks away.

Anyway, I normally run in the evenings -- it's just what I prefer, but yesterday morning it was only 80 degrees and cloudy, so I decided to run before the sun came out and it warmed up to 108. (Yech.)

I downloaded a new app called RunKeeper and I love it! It was free and it keeps track of you with a GPS so you can see your running path. It calculates your calories burned and your average run pace. It ALSO tracks your run pace by the minute, so I can look back on my entire run and see when I was making the best time, etc.

The fastest time I had yesterday was during minute 24, and I ran at a 10:34 min/mile pace. Not too shabby! Most of the rest of my run time was between 11-12 min/mile. The low bars that you see are the times that I was doing the walking intervals.

This was me pre- and post-run. I elected to sit in the floor in front of the fan and cool off while eating my oatmeal for breakfast. Then a little while later I remembered I had bought Muscle Milk for a protein boost after runs. I had never had it before but I thought it was yummy... Stephen wasn't a fan. Which really is good thing for me because it means he won't be stealing any of it from me. Ha!
OH and I just have to say WOO PIG!! I normally don't wear caps when running, but I wanted one in case the sun peeked out from behind the clouds. Stephen's Longhorns cap was the only one I could find with a hole in the back for my ponytail. I texted that pic to my brother (another Longhorns fan) and told him I was scared of going out in public with it...didn't want to get beat up!

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  1. I just want to say that I love reading your blogs!!! I look forward to seeing what you have to say!! :) I also have that couch to 5k or whatever it is called. I never made it far, but after baby, I hope to be like you and be motivated to complete it. I never could before!!
    I know you guys hid the scale...but once a week won't hurt anything. That way when you see results you will be motivated to keep going and going and going. Now it is your choice but I think that's what helped me before little Ali! :)


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