Thursday, August 30, 2012


I’m promising at least TWO blogs updating both C’s 3rd birthday party and various happening around here. I’ll try to have them up by Saturday night! For now – the things I’ve been wanting to get out of my head… list style. Sorta.

--- I fell dove head-first off the dieting wagon the day of Christopher’s birthday party (August 18th)…and I’m still not completely back on it. I’m TRYING to climb back on… I have one foot on but I’m still hopping along with one foot one the ground. Basically this means that every morning I wake up and say, “Okay – healthy eating today! Log your calories! Start The Shred today or do a C25K run today!”  …and I do great until lunchtime. Then I stuff my face with whatever food I can find. Which isn’t much because I’ve been avoiding Walmart like the plague.

--- I’m officially an MBA student. This freaks me out juuuuust a wee bit. I don’t know why. But I do know that it means great things are in store for my future. I was in a little pity-party type funk right before classes started – mainly about going “back to school.”  I honestly thought that when I graduated just a few months ago, in May…I just never thought I’d be back to commuting, classes, and homework just a few months later. But I’m so excited to see what doors this opens for me. Between you and me – at this point in my life, I’m hoping that I never have to look inside the walls of a middle or high school. I’m thinking bigger…much bigger! (I’m not saying that I would never teach in the public school system…just that it’s not my first choice for a job right now.) (There’s a reason I’m not getting my Master’s in Education.)

--- Accounting just makes no sense to me whatsoever. It was such a hard undergraduate class for me. I never thought I’d be taking an accounting class again. Thankfully, there’s just one grad-level accounting class in my MBA program.

--- I quit running for 9 days. I ran on the morning of Christopher’s birthday, (Saturday) then didn’t run again until the next Monday. It’s amazing how much ground I lost just in a week. Ugh. I’ll be heading back out tonight.

--- Have I ever mentioned my interest in running a half marathon? I’ve wanted to run a half marathon for two years now…once I’m finished with my 5K training, I’m planning to train for a 10K. Then after THAT, I’m going to train for a half-marathon. Once I start training for that, I want this shirt.

--- I can’t believe I have a three-year-old.

--- I hate hardwood floors. We are living in my MIL’s house right now, waiting on our house to sell. I hated our carpet at our other house, but mainly because it was poor quality carpet and it needed to be re-stretched. In our next house, I want the good-quality stainmaster carpeting. I definitely don’t want hardwood/laminate floors in our living room/bedroom areas.

--- I’m obsessed with the Mio water flavorings. We have about 8 different flavors in our fridge.

--- I’m not excited that the NFL season has started back up. (Although I will say that so far, Stephen has only watched games when I’ve been out of the house or busy working on projects.)

--- I just asked Christopher for a kiss, and he turned his cheek towards me instead of letting me kiss him on the lips. Waaaaaaahhhh! Excuse me while I go cry into my pillow.

--- I hate the days getting shorter, but I do love Autumn. The colors, the weather, the feeling in the air, Halloween and Thanksgiving – and I stay excited for Christmas practically all year long. I’m just having a hard time letting go of summer this year. Sigh.

--- I’m about to transfer 1700 pictures and 200 videos from my iPhone to my computer, then delete MOST of them off my iPhone. Wish me luck. I’m almost out of memory on my phone and I think it’s causing it to be slow.

--- I lurve me some Instagram. Here are a few of my recent(ish) Instagram faves!

post-run glow

good dog vs bad dog

marketing management snoredom

C + BB = ♥

“show me your guns”

a little cereal with your peaches?


grad student

clean boy

childless + wm@10pm = quiet, quiet bliss

hoss – the cutest puppy ever

C – the cutest 9-month-old ever
(again, WAAAAH!!!! it feels like I took this picture just last week.
it’s been TWO YEARS.

my wallet is still crying
(three books for my grad classes)

somebody is tired of saying “cheese” all the time

email-happy marketing professor (ugh.)

if you can’t name this movie then we’re not friends

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