Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I thought I’d share a recipe that my family enjoys a few times a month. It’s super easy and healthy.  It’s also vegetarian! I was introduced to this dish after Stephen and I were married. It’s actually the dish that made me realize my love for avocados. I can’t believe I went 25 years without eating avocado. I now eat avocado on an almost daily basis. I have to make up for the lost time!! Ha.

1 pound Pinto Beans
1 can Rotel
1 packet Mild Chili Seasoning


I buy my beans dry and then follow the instructions for cooking them. Rinse, soak, rinse, cook until just a little shy of tender. Then throw the beans, Rotel, and Chili Seasoning in the crock pot, (fill pot with water so that all the beans are covered – if needed) stir, and cook until the beans are tender and all ingredients are incorporated. You could also do this on the stovetop; I use the crockpot so that I can set it and not worry about it if I need to leave the house, etc.)

Once all those ingredients have cooked and are nice and warm, prepare your toppings!


lettuce (we use Romaine)
cheese (low-fat or fat-free if you’re watching your calories/fat)
corn chips (tortilla chips would be good, too)
onions (we don’t use these, but if you like onions I’m sure they’d be good in this)
…whatever else your heart desires!

I calculated the bean mixture yesterday. It makes approximately seven cups of beans (not including any liquid.) A one cup serving of beans is 138 calories, 0 fat, 778.6 mg of potassium, 30.4 carbs (7.5g dietary fiber, 2.5g sugar) 10.4g protein, and 15% of your daily recommended amount of Iron.


This is my bowl yesterday. I used 1.5 cups romaine, (15 calories) 1/2 cups fat free cheese, (90 calories) 1/4 of an avocado (63 calories) and 1 ounce of Fritos (160 calories.) My entire dinner was 466 calories – and 160 of it was the corn chips. I’m thinking about using baked tortilla chips next time. It’s very filling though, and that was all I had for dinner!

This is seriously one of my husband’s favorite dinners and I love it because it’s tasty, filling, cheap, and super easy to make – especially if you use canned beans! You can tweak it all different ways – you could even add meat to the bean mixture if you want it. (Use lean ground beef or ground turkey to keep it healthy!)


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