Thursday, June 7, 2012


I have SOOOOO MUCH to blog about! I know - I say that every time that I update this ol’ thing! I wish I were dedicated enough to sit down every night and write about our day… and maybe as the summer progresses, I can get into that habit.

I have SO MUCH to blog about over the past few weeks, but I am just going to do a post over “today” for now. We are loving summer SO much! I love not having to worry about school, homework, etc. I have really been enjoying my “free” time. I’m also excited knowing that I will always have fun summers with my family. Our days recently have consisted of lots of fun outside, swimming, playing, watching Thomas, playing games, etc. We are loving it!

Christopher woke up early this morning. He had wet the bed – something that happened for the first time just yesterday, so I was really surprised when it happened again this morning. We (Christopher and I) had planned on spending the morning delivering some goodies to my parents at their work offices. What goodies, you ask?


Homemade oatmeal cream pies. Oh. My. Goodness. Deliciousness.  I could tell by the number of cookies that the recipe made that I would need to be sharing them, and as soon as I stuffed three in my mouth without thinking about it ate one, I made a decision to get them OUT OF MY HOUSE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I love sweets and I love baking, but I will eat without even thinking about it. I literally have to get stuff out of my sight (usually out of the house) to keep from stuffing myself silly. Yes, my self-control is sad.

Anyway, since C was up early and it was a pretty morning outside – mid-60s and warming up, I decided to walk to our local park and play for a little while, then keep walking to my mom’s office and deliver her cookies to her.


We were at the park no more than 30 seconds when Christopher announced that he needed to pee. He may or may not have peed on a little rock building close to the playground. (Hey Park People – let’s get restrooms closer to the playground side of the park, huh?) Approximately 4 minutes later, he decided he needed to POOP, too.  WELL. No way was I taking him to the nasty park bathrooms to do a #2, so I loaded him up in the stroller (thankfully I had taken the jogging stroller) and RAN all the way to my mom’s office, telling him the whole way – DON’T POOP IN YOUR UNDERWEAR!!! WAIT TILL WE GET TO GEEGEE’S OFFICE!!!! I’m quite sure it was a site to see. And hear.

And what do you know – we get to my mom’s office and his need to poop magically disappeared. Sigh. We delivered mom’s cookies to her then took her car back to the house because I wasn’t going to risk walking home with a possible poopy situation.

We delivered my dad’s cookies to him in the late morning – and while we were at his office Christopher actually DID relieve himself (number 1 AND 2)  so we went back by the park on the way home. Somebody was nice enough to leave a wad of gum on a slide and christopher went over it before I realized it, resulting in this leg and jeans being covered in nasty already-chewed gum. Lovely. AND Guess What! We were there for about 5 minutes and he needed to pee. AGAIN.  I don’t miss diapers, but MAN. It’s exhausting running errands when you constantly have to stop what you’re doing to go to the bathroom to maybe pee. There have been times when we’ve been in walmart for 45 minutes and gone to the bathroom three times.

Anyway… back on subject. We got home, (took his shorts off before getting in to the carseat) had lunch (corn dog, mommy! and ma-an-cheeese!) and played in the yard for a few minutes before naptime.  This afternoon we’ve watched Thomas the Tank Engine, colored, and played in the sprinkler. And I say “played” – but really that means that I got C all dressed in his swimming clothes and his new water shoes that I bought him and then we went outside to run in the sprinkler, but he was scared of it and I ended up holding him and running through it myself (dressed in workout clothes) and getting myself soaked. I’m sure the people driving by our front yard got a kick out of that. :)

Tonight we’re grilling steaks. Yum! Tomorrow is daycare day – we decided that 2 days a week, Christopher would continue daycare (which he LOVES, thankfully) and that would give him the social interaction (he needs it) and it would give me two days a week for myself, for running errands or getting the house and yard cleaned up, etc, that way we can enjoy the other five days of the week!

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