Monday, June 11, 2012

Graduation {alternatively titled: I DID IT!!!!!}

On May 11, 2012, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education! I know I finished college in an unconventional way, but I finished and that is really all that matters. In fact, I think that I appreciate this degree more now than I would have if I had finished college the traditional way – four years straight after high school. I worked hard for this degree, traveled God-only-knows-how-many miles, cried many tears, stayed up plenty of late nights, and spent a ton of time away from my home and family. It was very hard at times, but I made it!

I wouldn’t have been able to do any of it without my family. My mom kept Christopher for me, so I was able to go to school 2 hours away and not worry about his health or safety. One semester, he spent two nights a week with her because Stephen and I had to leave for school at 6am – and it was easier to let him spend the night with mom instead of trying to wake him up and get him dressed and over to moms super early.

My entire family was encouraging and supported me (and Stephen) during our journey through college. Ty and Britney let me use their apartment on multiple occasions. I spent a week there alone while they were on a cruise and I was having to attend Internship Orientation in January. They let me keep food there and eat lunch there.

Stephen – my husband. I would not have, could not have, gone back to college and finished my degree if it had not been for him. He encouraged me on the nights I didn’t want to continue. He worked his tail off at his job so that I could afford to not work while going to school. He went to school and still worked hard at his job. He had it much tougher than me, but he insisted that I focus on school, Christopher, and our home so that I didn’t have to worry about working. He helped me with assignments, calmed my fears, wiped my tears, and never gave up on me. I will never be able to repay him for all that he did to help me through the last two years.

Enough mushiness – moving along.

I was so happy at graduation. I couldn’t quit smiling. I kept having to choke back tears during the beginning of the ceremony – while the speakers were giving their speeches. I just couldn’t believe it was finally happening! I managed to not break into a big ugly sob, thankfully.

Happy Me:gradcollage1

Where’s Stephanie?landscapegrads

Me and My People:

Me + My Boy:
{My main motivation for getting my degree}

After graduation, we traveled north to Hot Springs, to celebrate! We had a delicious dinner at Olive Garden, compliments of my awesome parents. It was the perfect ending to the perfect day! =)

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