Friday, June 29, 2012

Commenting Challenge, Day 5


Today’s topic is our Dream Vacation!

This is a hard question to answer. I’m not sure that I have a specific “dream vacation.” Stephen and I just got back from a cruise about a month ago. It was our second cruise together, and my third. I absolutely loved it, more so than my two previous cruises. It was sooo relaxing, just being away from everything and not having to worry about to-do lists. It was wonderful.  But I don’t really think that’s a dream vacation. To me, a dream vacation is something that we will probably never have the money to do. I imagine a dream vacation for us would be somewhere overseas. Stephen would probably say Ireland, and I would probably say England. We would both like to visit Australia, as well. Why is this such a hard question for me to answer? I think instead of one big dream vacation I would prefer smaller medium-size vacations every few years. Is that selfish?


I’m so glad that I’ve done this challenge! I’ve found several new fun blogs to read and I hope I’ve gained a few new readers as well. I also feel like it’s kind of gotten me back in a blogging groove so I hope to continue to post on a semi-daily basis… maybe! I still have lots to catch up on just from this summer alone – like the cruise!  But for now, clean dishes and Walmart are calling my name. Happy Friday!

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