Friday, June 15, 2012

Quick Trip to NWA

At the beginning of June, we had the chance to go to Northwest Arkansas for an overnight trip. Stephen had two sporting events to cover on two consecutive evenings, so instead of him making the trip by himself twice in two days, we decided to just book a hotel room and have the whole family go.

We basically just had one morning and early afternoon to explore but we had several things we wanted to try to squeeze in!  First on my list was… (don’t laugh!) finding the Duggar’s house! My husband officially labeled me as crazy. I was able to use my super sleuth skills to find their address and I forced Stephen to drive me by it. He really thought the whole thing was super nuts but I thought it was awesome!

06 20 12_0001

06 20 12_0003

From there we went to Bentonville because we were planning on visiting Crystal Bridges Museum. When we arrived at the museum, we discovered that it didn’t open for another hour or two, so we decided to explore Bentonville a bit. I’ve mentioned before that Stephen and I would love to live in NWA. We just love it there. We found the Bentonville Square and it was seriously SO neat!

06 20 12_0006

06 20 12_0007

The original Walton’s 5-10 was located on the Bentonville town square, and it has now been turned into a Sam Walton/Walmart museum. Even though Stephen and I did not enjoy being employees of Walmart #67, it truly is remarkable what Sam Walton accomplished and the museum was really neat.  The red and white truck parked in front of the store is a replica, Sam’s actual truck was inside the museum.

06 20 12_0010

The city of Bentonville had these weird pink snails all over the place. I looked it up and it was to spread the word about some hotel being built nearby.

06 20 12_0011

06 20 12_0013

After exploring downtown Bentonville, we made our way back to Crystal Bridges.

06 20 12_0014

06 20 12_0015

06 20 12_0016

06 20 12_0018

06 20 12_0020

06 20 12_0026

06 20 12_0030

The museum was really interesting! There are neat trails and sculptures outside that you can see, but it was hot and we were getting hungry so we decided to go grab lunch at a popular NWA place – Abuelo’s.  After lunch we did a little driving around Fayetteville and Stephen had to meet someone real quick on the Fayetteville Square. I remembered reading about a cupcake place on the Fayetteville Square and realized we were parked just a few doors down from it, so we had a treat from Bliss Cupcake – YUM. Don’t know why I don’t have pictures of our yummy cupcakes? Oh well. After cupcakes it was time to go to the sporting event that Stephen was supposed to cover – a basketball game. And after that we headed home!

We had such a fun time on just a one-day excursion to a place we’d like to eventually call home. We love NWA and all that it has to offer and our “goal” is to move to that area eventually.

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