Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Days + The Dogs (but not the dog days of summer)

I’ve really been enjoying this weather recently. It’s perfect – warm, but not that blistering scorching heat that will be rearing its ugly head in late July and August. I’ve been trying to take advantage of the weather by playing outside and going on plenty of walks. My stroller didn’t see the light of day for most of the fall, winter, OR spring, so I’ve been trying to remedy that. I really enjoy walking outside and have even gone a few times by myself – actually, with our Boxers, because it’s just enjoyable for me.

Speaking of our Boxers… they drive me nuts. One day I’m ready to get rid of them, the next I’m begging Stephen not to give them away – “Stephen! They’re part of our FAMILY! We can’t just give them away!”  Jasper has GOT to quit chewing every little thing he gets his mouth on. I don’t know what we’ll do if he keeps destroying things. He’s basically eating our money, and it’s so frustrating.

But he’s so pretty…

04 04 12_1965

sweet Bella-boo

04 04 12_1952 

This picture is from April. Jasper, Bella, C-Monster & me.04 04 12_2022

Baxter – obviously not a Boxer, but I can’t leave him out.
This picture is from this April as well, and he was really shaggy.
He has a much better looking summer cut right now.
04 04 12_1972

Stephen went into work late this morning and didn’t come home for a lunch break, so after Christopher and I were finished eating lunch, I texted Stephen and asked if he would like for me to bring him something. I decided that IMG_3218since it was nice weather outside (and cloudy, which is a blessing for me because I get “sun sick” easily, even when the weather is cool) we would walk to his office.  It’s just a few blocks away from our house – just a block past the park, (I actually Google mapped it – it’s only 8/10 of a mile) so I decided to walk it! I loaded up Christopher and we decided to take Baxter with us. We walked to Stephen’s office and delivered his lunch to him.  Then I decided to walk to my mom’s office, which is just a few more blocks down the road from The Star.  We hung out there for a few minutes, caught our breath and enjoyed the cool air. Baxter especially like the break, and was panting so hard that mom felt sorry for him and found a bowl for him to drink some water out of! (I’ll add here that she didn’t offer me anything – just Christopher and the dog. Thankfully, I had brought my own water.) ;-)

We left mom’s office and headed home. I was trying to avoid the park (I just wasn’t up for it today and preferred for Christopher not to see it- he mentioned wanting to play there on the way to The Star) so I headed home by going past James’ (if you’re local) and realized that I was just a half mile away from my dad’s office… so I asked IMG_0058Christopher if he wanted to go see PawPaw, and of course he did – so we ended up walking to dad’s office, as well. By the time we got back home, we’d been gone over an hour and a half and walked 2.5 miles. The jogging stroller killed my calves.  Ouch. But we had fun! This afternoon we chilled at the house and watched Mickey Mouse and Christopher took a late LATE nap and I even napped on the couch for a few minutes before making dinner. I’ve been really good about making lunches and dinners and eating out less since summer started. Tonight we had tilapia, rice, and green beans and it was all delicious! Last night I fried squash… It was Stephen’s first time to have fried squash, which is funny considering I didn’t know there was any other way to eat squash (or okra, for that matter) when I was a kid. It was yummy!

Today was another great summer day!

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