Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shopping and My Little Helper

This is the last week of my Christmas break. While school at Henderson doesn’t start back for almost two weeks (Wednesday, January 18th), I have to be there bright and early on Monday morning for my internship orientation.

I’m glad that I am interning, but I think it’s kind of crazy that I have to be at school 40 hours next week before the semester begins for orientation. Seems like something they could have covered last semester in our Methods class.  Whatever.

This week has been really good! I have been trying to “soak up” time with Christopher – and I think that God knew that my heart needed that. Tonight and last night he has been SO sweet and loving and cuddly. He is usually a really good kid but of course we have been dealing with “terrible twos” and an independent streak recently.

One thing that I am so excited about and thankful for is that he will be starting at a new daycare – this one is a home daycare and not a big daycare with several different classrooms. It’s just one lady and her daughter with several children around Christopher’s age. He attended a local “bigger” daycare here in the fall and I just wasn’t a fan of it at all. Our new location is cheaper (by $80 a month!) and she doesn’t make you pay if your child doesn’t attend one day – which is awesome. I hated that the other daycare wanted us to pay even if I felt like keeping Christopher home with me some days. SO that was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! The only negative is that it is several miles out of town – but that is really a small thing that I’m not too worried about.

Today I went shopping with my mom and Britney. I was in dire need of a new “professional dress” wardrobe.  I have only bought a few dressy things since Christopher was born because I had great intentions of losing a bunch of weight.  WELL. Here it is, one week before student internship begins, and I have one pair of dress pants and just a few blouses to go with them. I was really nervous about going shopping because I am short and round… My waist is a certain size but my hips are a size smaller, so by the time I find a pair of pants that feel comfy in the waist, they look huge across my hips and thighs.  I was SO excited because I found a certain brand in Target that fit me perfectly (except being a bit long – but that is almost always the case for me with pants) and they are SO cute! I also found several tops and cardigans at Target that worked. Who would’ve thought that Target had such great dressy clothing?!?  I also found a few cute tops and pants at Dress Barn (Moo) and I scored an adorable (although PRICEY) pea coat at Dress Barn as well.

Stephen had games out of town tonight so Christopher had I had the house to ourselves tonight and spent some good time together. He helped me fold and put away the towels. Such a good little helper!

The first washcloth he folded looked like this:
photo 1 (3)

I was… hmm, surprised, to say the least. He folded this washcloth perfectly! I made a big deal about it and took a picture and high-fived him… then he folded a few more and they all looked like this:

photo 2 (4)photo 3 (2)

And of course he kept wanting me to take pictures and make a big deal about it. :)  He also “helped” me put them up in the cabinet after they were all folded.

photo 5 (1)

Love that boy.

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  1. Obviously I am WAY behind on reading blogs. What brand did you find that you like at Target? I have similar problems finding clothes, and dressy ones for work especially.


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