Sunday, January 8, 2012

Orientation Week

Tomorrow morning begins Internship Orientation at Henderson. I can’t believe that one week from tonight I will be freaking out about starting my student teaching the next day. Haha! I am all settled in at Tyler and Britney’s apartment in Arkadelphia. They are somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico right now, cruising with my mom and dad.

Originally we all booked a Caribbean cruise together back in June or July… After I started back to school in August I found out that I was going to be required to come back to campus a week earlier than when classes were scheduled to start. I was NOT HAPPY. Stephen and I had to change the date of our cruise and my parents, Ty & Britney kept their date for January. Deanna and Leonard decided they would like to go on a cruise as well, (Leonard has never been) so they made arrangements to go on the same cruise as us in May. I’m excited about the cruise… but I’m super upset that I’m not in the middle of the ocean with my family right now.

photo (1)Anyway. I’m fortunate that I get to stay at Ty and B’s apartment because it saves me a lot of time and money from traveling back and forth every day. I already miss my boys like crazy and I plan on driving to meet them and see them at least once, probably twice this week! Christopher probably won’t even know I’m gone because his Nana is flying in from Missouri to help keep him this week.

I’m hoping to spend the week catching up on blogging and kind of prepping myself to start internship next week. I hate to spend the whole week away from Stephen and Christopher, but I’m hoping to to kind of use the time to rest and relax… enjoy the quiet, toy-free, ESPN-free environment. =)

I did finish one blog that I started last week. It’s directly below this post, or click here.

I’m exhausted but I know that I’m going to having trouble sleeping tonight. Guess I should get off the computer and try to wind down. I have orientation all day tomorrow and I have no idea what to expect.

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