Tuesday, October 4, 2011

applications, football games, selling the house, and a birthday

We’ve had a busy few days!  Last week for a rush for me because I was getting everything together to turn for my application for student internship!  It was due Friday and there were a lot of other things that I had to have approved or turn in before I could complete my internship application. I met with the HSU Registrar so that he could approve my application for GRADUATION! That was really exciting for me! (Obviously, I get excited easily.) I have been saying since the beginning of the summer, “I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!” referring to internship and graduation, but it wasn’t until the Registrar approved my graduation application that it really felt REAL to me – ya know? I also had to write a personal essay and have it approved by the HSU Writing Center. They were jam packed and I had trouble getting an appointment with them so I ended up having to drive to Arkadelphia last Friday to meet so that they could approve my essay. After it was approved, I turned in my entire application for internship, which was just as exciting as my application for graduation. I’m SO relieved to have everything done and turned in. Now I just have to finish out this semester of classes. Before I know it, Christmas Break will be over and I will be starting my student teaching.

About an hour after I got home on Friday, we loaded up the car and headed to Clarksville for the Bearcat football game. Stephen was going to be by himself on the trip and I knew that he was tired and would be getting in late, so I offered to go with him. Christopher went with us. He had a great time at the football game! Their visitor stands were very big and we basically had a huge section to ourselves so that he could run around. He could see Stephen taking pictures and notes down on the sidelines and would holler “Dada!” and then WAAAAVE when Stephen turned around. I was cracking up laughing. I had no idea he could holler that loud! ha! Stephen took come cute pictures of Christopher waving at him (and Big Mama with her mouth wide open laughing) but UNFORTUNATELY (ha) I do not have those pictures on my laptop, since Stephen took them with his work camera.


These are the only pictures I took. In the last photo (the one that’s blurry) he was saying “CHEESE!” but he moved when I took the picture. You can still see his sweet cheesy grin. :) We bought pizza and nachos (for a healthy dinner for Christopher and myself) at the game and the lady at the snack stand gave Christopher a sucker. This sucker kept him occupied for the 2nd quarter, halftime, and the majority of the 3rd quarter. I was thankful for it! (It was past his bedtime, and while he doesn’t really get extremely cranky, he can get kind of hyper and might throw a fit if things don’t go exactly how he wants them to go. The sucker kept his mind off the fact that it was past bedtime.)

On our way to the game, we received a phone call from my MIL (who is also our real estate agent) telling us that we had someone wanting to see our house. We put it up for sale this summer – about 4 months ago – but we hadn’t shown it at ALL. After the whole fiasco of our A/C going out this summer and us spending a ridiculous amount of money to fix it, Stephen and I had actually decided to just take it off the market when our contract was up in December. So on Saturday, my mom and I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned the inside of my house while Stephen worked in the yard (let’s just say it’d been a while since our backyard had been mowed.) We left the house at 4:00, went out to eat with my parents, and got back home at 6:00. At about 15 after, my MIL texted me to let us know that we had gotten an offer and she was emailing it to me! WE WERE SHOCKED!

Their offer was lower than we wanted, so we countered on Monday morning, and Monday after they countered again. We accepted their counter.  Sooo now we start the whole waiting game to see if everything checks out and that the financing doesn’t fall through, etc. If everything works out, we will be closing in mid-November and we will have to be out of our house the weekend after Thanksgiving!

Today (Tuesday) is my 26th Birthday! I had to spend the entire day at school. We were up this morning at 5 in Arkadelphia at 8 for Stephen’s first class. We had my birthday lunch at Hamburger Barn then I had afternoon classes that lasted until 6:00. I didn’t even get to see Christopher until 8:15. It was a pretty uneventful birthday, but I had a lot of sweet friends leave me happy birthday wishes on my facebook wall and it made my day a little better. :)  Britney gave me my gift from her and Ty this morning. I got Pictionary Man and an Olive Garden gift certificate. My mom and dad gave me a REALLY pretty wind chime that I’m excited to hang up on my front porch! I am also getting a pair of Toms from them (I just have to go pick them out) and apparently something else that they don’t have yet.  ???  When Stephen asked me what I wanted, I told him –
“A new refrigerator?” (We got one in May)
     “A new A/C?” (Which, as I already mentioned, cost us a fortune just a few weeks ago.) 
“A new car?”  (I mentioned in my last post that we just replaced Stephen’s 16-year-old car.)

I really don’t need ANYTHING for my birthday. I’m good with just saving our cash, thankyouverymuch!

I’m off to catch up on DVR’d shows. :) Happy 4th of October, everybody!

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  1. 1. Yay for graduation!
    2. Yay for selling your house!!
    3. Yay for your birthday!!!
    4. C is TOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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