Tuesday, October 25, 2011

picture overload (part 1)

It’s Tuesday night! Tomorrow is the middle of the week. Can I get a whoohoo! Tuesdays are my long day at school, so I am always glad when they’re over! This Thursday I don’t have class, (hallelujah!) so I’m excited about not having to make that drive again for a week. =)

I have TON of pictures that I’m wanting to share, so I’m just forewarning you: major picture overload to come!

Oct 20 2011_0165
Momma doesn’t look so hot in this picture – but I love it anyway. I love Christopher’s smile and the way his little arms are wrapped around my neck.

Oct 21 2011_0001

This isn’t really anything – but I thought it was a neat picture of the water feature at our park.

These pictures are all from when we went to the park last Friday.

Oct 21 2011_0019

Oct 21 2011_0043

Oct 21 2011_0062

Oct 21 2011_0065

Oct 21 2011_0083

Oct 21 2011_0090

Oct 21 2011_0093

Oh my goodness – this next picture. I love it.

Oct 21 2011_0122

Have I mentioned how much I love my Toms?
Ahem…have I mentioned about how short I am?

Oct 21 2011_0136

Okay – that’s all of the pictures from the park last Friday.  Here’s some random iPhone pictures I wanted to post…

photo 1photo 2

Christopher and my dad at Papa’s last week.

photo 3

Christopher and Momma snuggled on the couch last weekend and watched…

photo 4

CARS! This is one of my favorite movies, and it was the first time Christopher actually showed some interest in it.

photo 2 (1)

My impatiens look better at the end of October than they did ALL DANG SUMMER LONG.
Pretty sure that had something to do with the ridiculous heat.
And ants. Stupid freakin’ ants took over my other two pots of impatiens.

photo 1 (1)

I have been in SUUUCH a Christmas spirit recently. I’m SO ready to put up my Christmas decorations.
Yesterday, I put Christmas Radio on Pandora to help me make it through some boring homework.
I am a Christmas JUNKIE.

photo 3 (1)

Does this one really need a caption? May 21st can’t come fast enough!

Goodness… I have even more photos but I think this post has more than enough.
I’ll do those in a separate post and set it to go up sometime tomorrow or Thursday. :)

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