Thursday, October 20, 2011

A few things… (I’m gonna be a GRANDMA!)

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I think I’ve already mentioned that I went to War Eagle with my mom and Britney. We left out EARLY last Friday morning and headed to Northwest Arkansas. (Can I mention my love for NWA again? Cause I really love it up there!)  We got to War Eagle around 9:30 or 10:00 and shopped there for several hours (it’s huge!) then we went into Springdale, ate lunch at Applebees, then went to the Convention Center to the craft fair there. There was SO much cute stuff. I can’t wait till our budget is a little bigger. I’ll have a LOT of fun. I think we are going to try to make it a yearly tradition! This year, I had a little bit of my birthday money and I bought a few things for myself. I think it was all Christmas decorations! (What can I say? It’s my favorite time of year!)

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One thing I forgot to mention about our trip to Branson… just for my own documentation. On the way to NWA, you go through a tunnel for a short distance. Christopher thought it was really funny when we went through it and after we got out of it, he asked to do it again. (“More!”) I’m going to try to remember to video his reaction the next time we go through it.

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photo 4 (1)Last – these are our sweet Boxers, Bella and Jasper. Bella was a Christmas present to me three years ago, and Jasper was a Christmas gift to Christopher last year. This year at Christmas, we will have a few more boxers to add to our mix! Bella is going to have a litter of sweet Boxer puppies! Of course, we will not be keeping them. We decided to let them breed one time, then we will be getting Bella spayed. We had an ultrasound done – the vet quit counting at five puppies. I’m excited but nervous. I’ve never dealt with a dog having puppies before, so I’m going to have to do lots of research so that I feel prepared to do anything that I may need to do.

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  1. Once again, congrats on become a grandma!!!

    Where's a pic of Rudy? :)


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