Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TUESDAY tidbits :)

**I just have to say that I originally named this monday morning ramblings until my brilliant sister-in-law pointed out that I wrote it on tuesday, not monday… yes, hello, I’m 26 and can’t tell you the correct day of the week. tuesdays are like the first day of the week for me since that’s the day that my school week starts. oh, well.  it is now tuesday tidbits."**

Good morning, friends!

I'm at school this morning, waiting for class to start. I decided to hop on the computer and write a quick update!  I have a post started at home, it just needs pictures added to it to be finished. I'll try to get that up tomorrow.  I just wanted to jot down a quick things this morning that I've been meaning to document!

*Midterms are here! It's hard to believe that my fall semester is halfway over. EEK! I counted this past weekend, and (not including today) I have 14 more class days (Tuesdays & Thursdays) left this semester. So. Stinkin. Excited.

*I haven't written much about Christopher and daycare - or as he calls it, "scooh!" (School.)  He is doing really well! The adjustment was hard for the first several weeks. He would recognize the building when we turned onto the street that the daycare is on and start shaking his head "no" and whining. BUT, I am happy to say that he is now excited about going to school (most days) and will usually even pick school over staying at home with Mommy or Granny. However, when we actually get to school and go inside and I start to leave, he has second thoughts. I know that he only cries for a minute or two (yes, I stay and listen or peek out the windows if they're playing outside after I drop him off) and then he is fine for the rest of the day.

*I'm playing Bunco again! I played for a few months two years ago, when I was on maternity leave with Christopher. I loved it but once I went back to work it was hard to go because of Walmart's scheduling, then last year I had class on Monday nights. I've been the last two months and won 2nd place both times. But really - I just love being able to get out and have a little fun with my friends!

*I'm taking a Photoshop class at RMCC. It's only 6 weeks long, and it's one night a week. I don't really know much about Photoshop at ALL and I figure it's something that I may need to teach one day. Plus, I am hoping to be able to do some designing with it (like Christmas cards, birthday invitation, etc) and some picture editing, as well.

*PICTURES!  I have been SO horrible recently about taking pictures. I think it all started when I lost my 8 GB memory card around Christopher's birthday. I need to replace it. I'm having a garage sale at the beginning of next months and I'm hoping to buy myself a new lens. I've been drooling over this one for months, and I'm pretty sure it's what I'm going to go with!

**there's lots more I could add to this, but I've got to get to class now! I'll leave you with a picture my mom just sent to me -- apparently she lets my son play in make-up on the days that she keeps him. ;)


Happy Monday!

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