Tuesday, August 2, 2011

busy week

Last week was a busy week for us! It was not a “normal” week for us and it probably isn’t interesting to anybody other than myself – but I am just wanting to document it. Consider yourself warned!

Sunday: I washed my beloved iPhone 3Gs. Thankfully, I had insurance on it (through my awesome State Farm agents, Matt & Joey) and was able to get some money to replace it and do an early upgrade.

Monday: I spent the morning in Arkadelphia in class (out of town from 10 to 4) and then came back that afternoon and took care of the insurance issue, pick up my check, and then got a Brand Spankin’ New iPhone4 that night. I was SO excited and in love with new pretty white iPhone4. I had been wanting to upgrade, but was trying to wait until the release of the 5, or 4G, whatever it will be called.

Tuesday: I didn’t have either of my classes on Tuesday, so I was able to spend the day at home. I spent the day taking care of some little things that I had been needing to get done. I went to run an errand that afternoon and laid my (new, remember?) phone on the top of my car while I was putting Christopher in his carseat – and it slid off and hit the concrete and BUSTED the screen.  Less than 24 hours after I got it… ruined.  2 iPhones… ruined – in less than 48 hours. After crying uncontrollably for 5 minutes, I called Stephen and told him what I had done. Poor guy. He reacted better than me (no crying from his end) and quickly told me that everything would be fine and we would get the screen replaced at the Phone Doctors store in Ft Smith.

Wednesday: Since Stephen usually works late into the night on Tuesday nights (his section of the newspaper goes to print at 10am on Wednesday morning, so he has to be finished with his section by then) he usually sleeps in late on Wednesday morning and is off all day Wednesday, unless there is some sort of sporting event that he needs to go to. I normally have a morning class at 10:30, but it was cancelled all last week because my teacher was out of state, so he made our homework and test online last week – anyway, I didn’t have to leave for my 1:00 Marketing class until 11, and Stephen and Christopher were up and decided to travel to Arkadelphia with me to keep me company during my drive there and back.  WEELLLL… around 40 minutes into our drive (and after Christopher had eaten a granola bar and downed his 3rd glass of milk {which Stephen had given him – I had no idea he’d had that much milk}) Christopher started whining like he was uncomfortable or tired or something was wrong. Stephen (I was driving) turned around to see what was wrong and about 30 seconds later, Christopher upchucked his breakfast and milk. This was the FIRST time that my child has EVER thrown up. I can count on one hand the number of times that he spit up as an infant.  I almost didn’t know what to do. I pulled over and we cleaned up as much of the throw-up as we could. It was on Christopher’s clothes, the carseat, the floor, the seat… everywhere. And let me just say this – I will never look at ricotta cheese the same. :-/ The car (and our hands) smelled like soured milk the rest of the hour-long trip to Arkadelphia. When we got there, Stephen dropped me off at school and he took Christopher to Tyler and Britney’s house and cleaned out the car and washed the carseat cover and Christopher’s clothes. It was an interesting day! Christopher was FINE the rest of the day so I suspect that full belly of milk + curvy roads = carsick boy! Definitely a mistake that we will NOT make again!

Christopher hanging out in his diaper and Bubba’s boots while waiting on his clothes to wash!

Thursday: My afternoon class was online on Thursday, so we decided to go to Phone Doctors in Ft Smith on Thursday morning. We picked up Stephen’s mom on the way out of town so that she could do some light shopping with us while we were out of town. She needed to go to her pool chemical place so we also did that while we were gone. I had called earlier in the week to make sure that they would be able to do my phone on the same day that I dropped it off, so that I didn’t have to make two 2-hour trips. WELL, when we got there, the guy tells me that I can pick up my phone on Friday around noon.  Turns out, their technician had to go out of town for some reason (extremely important, I’m sure) so they were having a different tech come in from their Tulsa store, but he wouldn’t be in until later that afternoon.  Arrrgh.  So, I left my brand new, broken iPhone4 at the Phone Doctors and made plans to drive BACK to Ft Smith on Friday to pick it up. (I wasn’t really happy at this point.) We ate lunch at Cheddars (yum!) and spent about 4 or 5 hours in Ft Smith before heading home. We stopped in Poteau and got snow cones on the way home. Not long after we got back, we met up with Tyler & Britney at my parents house. Britney and I made sugar cookies to practice decorating them for Christopher’s birthday party. (Excited about that!)

Friday:  Left out around 11:30 and made another trip to Ft Smith to pick up my phone. In case you’re counting, I was on the road Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Christopher was with me those last three days in a row. I know he was sick of his carseat {although not literally, thankfully!} by Friday evening. After we got home from Ft Smith on Friday, we went to my mother-in-law’s house to meet her new friend, Lonnie. (I have a feeling that I may be talking about Lonnie quite often in the future -- Christopher was told to call him “Pop-Pop” …hmmm.)

It was a long, busy week for us – we were on the go way more than normal. I was thankful for Saturday morning, because Stephen let me sleep in!

Here is a picture of my sweet almost two-year-old big boy, holding his portable DVD player in his lap and watching Arrrgggghhhh. (Shrek. As if you didn’t know.)

photo (1)

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