Friday, August 5, 2011

school’s out… for two weeks!

Summer II classes are over!!! I’m still not sure yet what I made in all my classes, but I took Accounting B & Marketing at Henderson, and I took Macroeconomics online through RMCC. I took 11 hours total this summer (2 hour pre-summer class at HSU at the end of May – Classroom Assessment) and now I will only have to take 15 hours this fall before starting my student internship followed by graduation in the spring! I can FINALLY see the finish line and I’m SO excited that I’m only 21 college credits away from my education degree!!!!

I plan on spending the next two weeks before summer starts soaking up my time with Christopher. He will be starting Daycare (insert SUPER sad face from Mommy here) for the first time EVER the same week that I go back to school. He will also be turning TWO in less than TWO weeks!

On a different note -- I love the “face-time” camera on the iPhone4. It’s not the best quality, but it’s easy to take a picture of Christopher and me since he can see what he’s doing. I told him the other day to stick his tongue out and he thought it was so funny!

photo 2

I then told him to SMILE and he just kept looking at himself with his tongue stuck out…

photo 4

I love this silly boy!!

photo 5

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