Friday, July 22, 2011

Random/4th of July

Summer is moving along so quickly! I’m not too upset about it though, because it has been SO HOT this summer and besides, I’m back in school for Summer II so my real “break” has been over for three weeks.

My Summer II classes are over halfway over. My morning class doesn’t meet at all next week, instead we are doing our work online. I’m excited to not have to leave so early and be gone all day.

I’m really looking forward to this fall. Well – not driving to HSU every day, but just the cooler weather, football, fall candles and decorations. It’s my favorite season of the year and I love everything about it. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s my last fall semester as an undergraduate student! I’ll be doing my student teaching in the Spring and graduate next May. That’s what I’m really looking forward to! (With the exception, of course, that it means that my baby will be almost three!)

This is the first weekend in several weeks that we have not had something big planned or had to go out of town, so I’m enjoying being able to relax at home. Tomorrow, we are going to my parents house to start watching the Harry Potter series from the beginning with my family. We’re taking snacks and will probably watch the first two movies. I’m trying to decide what to take for a snack?

Which reminds me – we had a 4th of July celebration at my mom’s house and I never posted the pictures from it – so I’ll share now.

Earlier that weekend we had hung out with a few other couples at Jeremiah and Kristy’s house, and Susan had brought this AMAZING cream cheese/bacon dip, which she got from Megan’s blog. It was DELISH. So, I made it to take to my mom’s for our family 4th of July party. I also made Red White and Blue strawberries, which Megan had also posted on her blog.  They were SO yummy, as well. (Side note about the strawberries: I didn’t have blue sprinkles at home, so I just used blue food coloring to make the sugar blue. I saw someone on Food Network do this one time to make pink sugar. You can use a few drop of liquid food coloring on regular white sugar to turn it whatever color you need. This saves money and time!)


(I made about 3 times this much, but this is what was left when I remembered to take a picture.)


It’s Friday, which means no school today. Stephen was sweet enough to let me sleep in this morning. Christopher is taking a nap right now, and I really should be cleaning the house!  I guess I’ll go do that… happy weekend, all!

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