Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ft Worth, part 2

After we left the zoo, we went to the Ft Worth Stockyards, which I had never seen before. We ate at Riscky’s BBQ and then did a little shopping at the stockyards. We were there at the perfect time for a reenactment of the cattle making their way into the stockyards.

Christopher fell asleep in the truck for the 20ish minute ride from the Zoo to the Stockyards.


We did a little bit of shopping at the Stockyards. Funny story – we went in to a “general store” there and they had ice cream. Apparently Christopher saw a family with their ice cream and was eyeing it, because a sweet old lady walked up to me with a few dollars in her hand and said, “I want to buy him an ice cream!”  She went on to tell me that Christopher was “looking at their ice cream and licking his lips, so he must need some, too!” I tried to explain to her that he had already had an ice cream earlier that day, but she insisted that I take the money – so Christopher got his SECOND free ice cream cone of the day. (A sweet girl who worked at the Zoo gave Christopher his own cone there, as well, even though I was planning on sharing mine.)  We got him a strawberry ice cream cone and he loved it just as much as his vanilla one earlier that day.

After we left the stockyards, we took Christopher back to Jim & Cristin’s house a he took a much-needed nap. That evening, we had dinner at the house of friend of Stephen’s from school.

Saturday was a low-key day. Christopher was up around 8 or so (I think?) but he laid down for a nap at 11 – which is extremely early – then slept for 3 or 4 hours. He was still exhausted from his day before, I think. We then did a little shopping (Academy & a party store – for C’s 2nd birthday) and then ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

The weekend we were there was the last weekend of the NBA playoffs, so we got some fun new Mavs gear. :)




We left to head back home on Sunday morning. It was a fun trip and I’m glad we were able to make it!

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