Sunday, July 17, 2011

the end of an Era.


Yesterday, Stephen and I made our way down to Texarkana to see this:


I. Was. So. Sad.

I know it may seem silly – but Harry Potter has been a part of my life since I started reading series when I was the ninth grade.

I think that by the time I had started the books, there were already 3 of them out. My mom actually bought the books because she thought my brother would be interested in reading them, so they started them together.  While we were on a family vacation one time, mom was reading the second or third book out loud to Ty, and I was hooked. I actually finished reading that book while we were on the vacation, then I went back and read the first book or two that Mom and Ty had already read. And from then on, I bought the books on the day that they were released (at the midnight release for the last several books.)

I’m not sure if I watched the first movie in theaters, but I do know that I watched the second one and then all of those after it. I got several other people into the series as well, including friends and my high school boyfriend Grant, college boyfriend Ross, and then Stephen after we got married. I actually read all seven books OUT LOUD to Stephen during the first few months of our marriage. We went on a cruise for our honeymoon. I read Harry Potter in the car on the drive to Galveston, we read Harry Potter on our balcony on the boat, we read it in bed before we went to sleep. (Not joking here, people.) We finished the book we were on while we were on the ship… then we started the next book, because we had packed it, as well.  :)

Anyway – the movie was SO good and it did NOT disappoint. I’m so sad – it’s like the end of an era – I don’t have another Harry Potter book OR movie to look forward to EVER AGAIN. It feels weird. :(

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