Sunday, July 24, 2011

low-key weekend

We’ve had a low-key weekend and it’s been so nice after several weekend of out-of-town and then having to drive to Arkadelphia 4 days a week.

We’ve spent most of the weekend with my whole family – Friday night we played Pit and yesterday we had brunch (Paula Deen cinnamons? yes, please!) and watched the first two Harry Potter movies (my mom wants to watch the first 7 before watching the final one) and then we had pizza for dinner and played Charades afterwards.

So far today we’ve just relaxed at home, which has been nice. :) I cleaned house like a madwoman on Friday so it’s nice to not have to worry about it too much today.

Right now both boys are napping and I’m trying to pull myself away from the computer (I recently became obsessed with Pinterest… which deserves it’s own post sometime soon!) and take a shower and make a grocery list. Our refrigerator is bare!

Christopher has gone to church with his Nana the last two Saturdays. Here is a picture from last week… modeling his new sunglasses we got in Branson a few weeks ago! (They’re still a little big.)

Jul 16 2011_0113

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