Sunday, June 12, 2011

Way to Go Mavs!!!!

The Mavs won the NBA Championship tonight!!!! Stephen and I are Mavs fans (he made me one!) and we even went to a game when we first started dating.


Whoa. Skinny Stephanie.

Christopher Tyler is also a Mavericks fan…mavs

We just got home from Ft Worth this evening, so we were able to pick up some new Mavs clothing while we were there. This is C-Monster showing his support tonight.


Here’s the best part of this post. These pictures crack me up! They were taken during the last few seconds of the game (when there was still action happening, but there was no way that the Heat were coming back to win it) and I said to Stephen, “Let’s take a picture of two happy Mavs fans!”

Picture Number One: Stephen looking at the TVphoto_1

ME: Stephen! You’re not looking at the camera!
(P.S. Check out my new Mavs shirt! And yes, that shirt that my husband is wearing is the same one he wore at the game we were at THREE years ago!)

Picture Number Two: Stephen STILL watching the gamephoto_2

ME: Stephen! You did it AGAIN!
(Although I must admit, that grin on his face is PRICELESS! He was SO excited!)

Picture Number Three: We were both laughing and my hand was shaking because of it, so when I finally got a picture of Stephen looking at the camera, it turned out super blurry. My eyes are all crinkled up from laughing, too. But it’s a great memory. :)

Dallas Mavericks: 2011 NBA Champions!!!!!

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