Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trip to Fayetteville

Yesterday, Stephen needed to go to Fayetteville to cover the State All-Stars baseball and softball event, so Christopher and I decided to tag along for the ride!

The trip to Fayetteville is about two and a half hours, but it goes pretty quickly. We called in a pizza at Gino’s (I can’t go through Ft. Smith without it!) and ate it in the car on the way.



We had fun watching the boys play (a boy from Mena was the starting pitcher) then about halfway through that game, we headed over to watch the girls softball game. Christopher and I stayed in the parking lot for part of the girls game, so that he could run off some energy. We drove through a little piece of U of A’s campus. The whole town of Fayetteville is so pretty and I love the campus. If I could re-do college, I would go to Fayetteville, but when I was 18 and deciding which college to attend, the size of U of A scared me.


After we finished with the softball game, we drove around Fayetteville just looking at some of the town. We really had no idea where we were or what we were doing, but it was fun. We have discussed moving to Fayetteville or the NWA area after we graduate from Henderson, so it was neat to drive around a place where we might live in the future! We passed a park that had tons of people out in it with dogs and kids. It looked really neat; nothing like what we would see in Mena.


We ended up going to a Home Depot. I have never been to a Home Depot where people were so friendly! Everybody who worked there was nice and offered to help us. We were wanting to buy a rug for our back porch, but we weren’t sure if it would fit in my car. They let Stephen go out and see if it would fit in the car while I stayed in the store with Christopher, that way we wouldn’t have to ring it up, pay for it, and then if it didn’t fit, take it back and return it. (It fit, so Yay! for a new rug!) After we left Home Depot, we went to Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner, then headed home around 10:00. We had such a good time and really enjoyed our mini road trip.

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