Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Great Day :)

Today was one of my favorite days in a long, long time!

I actually got out of bed to come to the computer to write this post, because I was thinking about my day while I was laying there, and thought to myself that I should write a quick blog to document it all while it’s fresh on my mind.

Christopher and I started our day out at 8 this morning, which is a normal time for him to wake up. We spent the morning as usual, sharing a bowl of oatmeal on the couch, him running around the living room between bites, drinking his sippy cup of milk. Normally I have the TV on during this time, and I catch up on DVR’d shows like The Talk, or whatever is on there that Stephen doesn’t watch with me, but this morning we just turned on the radio and listened to Christmas music, because I know we’re only going to be able to hear it for a few more days.

After we finished our breakfast, I got on the computer to read blogs/Facebook/whatever, and Christopher made himself busy with toys and climbing in and out of my lap.  Several times while I was on the computer with Christopher in my lap, he would face me, lean in, and give me a big, giant bear hug, patting my back or my face or my head, then he would lean back, look at me, smile, then lean forward again and kiss me on the lips.  This morning was the first time that he kissed me on the lips, not the other way around! I wanted to melt. He was being SO incredibly sweet and precious.  I treasured every single second of it. If I could, I would have made this morning last forever. He gave me so much lovin this morning. :)

Eventually we got ourselves ready and around 11 I dropped him off at my mom’s so that I could do some running around town looking for accessories for Britney and Tyler’s wedding next weekend. When I got back to mom’s, Christopher was – again – super sweet and gave me some sugar and hugs while we were there.  He continued to be that way at our house this evening!

He’s also started saying “I yuh yoo” – or something along those lines! (I Love You!) He is starting to communicate more and more and I just love it. Tonight I asked him, “What do we say at a football game? Touchdown!” and when I said “touchdown,” he stuck his arms straight up in the air like the officials at the games do when a team makes a touchdown.  He’s also started signing and saying “water.”

The weather was awesome today – like in the high 60s or something, and I did Week 5 Day 2 of the Couch to 5K program today. I ran 8 minutes straight without stopping, which is a miracle considering a month ago I could barely run 90 seconds without wanting to crawl into a ditch a die, so that was a great highlight in my day, as well. :)

My CORRECTED Christmas Cards came in the mail today, and Christopher sat in my lap (and gave me even more lovins) while I stamped and addressed them, and they’re in the mailbox ready to go out tomorrow. I’m so glad to have that taken care of!

After Christopher went to bed, Stephen and I watched a movie (Remember Me) while I wrapped one last Christmas gift and assembled all of Christopher’s gifts from Santa.  I’m excited for Friday and Saturday, but I also hate that feeling when the magic of Christmas is gone.

Anyway, this post was mainly just a journal entry for me! I just wanted to document my very low-key but GREAT day with my little family.

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