Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Christmas Train… and Santa

Last night we all loaded up and took Christopher to the Christmas Train while it was in town. (Click here to read more about it.)

I was SO glad that we took our camera, because the very first thing we saw once we got into the train was Santa!  We waited for the family in front of us to get their pictures with Santa, then Stephen walked over to him so that Christopher could sit down on his lap.

Christopher immediately grabbed hold around Stephen’s neck, whimpering, so Santa quickly (think that’s happened to him much?) stood up next to Stephen and said, “We’ll take a standing picture.”

Yeah, I wish it was that simple.

Apparently it doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting in his lap or standing next to him while Daddy is holding you, Santa is just a scary man to be around.

{Please notice how hard Stephen is laughing during these pictures!}
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I’ll admit – I was laughing too, and taking as many pictures as possible!  Christopher didn’t have a problem with Santa last year, but he was less than 4 months old when we saw him, so that’s probably why.

I’ll be excited to see how he reacts next year!

He also threw a fit a few minutes later when we saw some “elves” dressed up.  (Picture below.) Really they were just a few sweet ladies from our community – so I’m thinking maybe he doesn’t like Santa hats?

12 10 10_0098

The train was really neat, but I think Christopher will really enjoy it more as he gets older.  It’s another tradition I want to continue!

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