Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Parade & Fireworks

As I mentioned previously, every year our town has a great Christmas parade, followed by a fireworks show in our town park.  After the fireworks are over, the Christmas lights are turned on in the park – it’s a huge set up of all different kinds of trees & lights & ornaments and such.  Anyway, it was last Friday night and we took Christopher to the parade and park.  He loved it so much!  It was his first parade and his first time to see fireworks.  His favorite part about the parade was the High School Band.  Some of the band members had colored lights on their instruments, so they were fun to look at and listen to.  I was afraid that he wouldn’t like the fireworks, but he LOVED them!  We all had such a great time and it’s a tradition that I want to keep every year.

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I believe this next picture is the first MOM, stop taking my picture! face that Christopher has given me.
12 02 10_0021 12 02 10_0031

Christopher had dinner while waiting on the fireworks to start.
12 02 10_003512 02 10_0038

Right after the fireworks started.  12 02 10_0056 12 02 10_0058 12 02 10_0059

This is him pointing at the fireworks.12 02 10_006612 02 10_0075 12 02 10_0072

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