Thursday, June 10, 2010


I’ve gotten behind on blogging over the last week or so!  I’ve actually been keeping myself fairly busy.  I have recently found great pleasure in working in the yard!  I never thought I would like working in my yard, but ever since this post where I got all excited about “leafy little plants” (they’re called CALADIUMS!) I had planted, I have been doing all sorts of stuff outside.  We’ve also gone to Texarkana two Fridays in a row to take care of car stuff, went to the Lum & Abner Festival, made a mad dash trip to Poteau (to get MY IPHONE!) worked some crazy hours.  Right now C is napping so I’ve got to wrap this up and go get ready for work this afternoon -- but after today I’ve got 4 days off, so I’ll have plenty of time to make up for what I’ve missed.  (And there’s some pretty good stuff to share, too!)

For now -- here’s a few pics of some of the things I’ve been doing around my yard.

Impatiens I saved from the half-off (almost dead) section at the Garden Center.
I’ll post their “befores” later.

06 09 10_0623   

My front sidewalk - we set up solar lights, put in a garden flag (love it!) and potted the the Impatiens.  The plant on the right of the steps is a half-off pink hydrangea from the Poteau Garden Center!
06 07 10_0631

Hydrangea after I potted it.  Hopefully it will start looking much better now that it’s in some Miracle Grow soil!
06 09 10_0627

Digging up stupid holly bushes.  Stupid, stupid, holly bushes. 
06 09 10_0626

My new welcome door mat.  =)
06 09 10_0625

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