Sunday, May 23, 2010

Don’t Eat Rocks, Son.

So -- Christopher and I argued this morning about whether or not he should take a morning nap.  Since I am a pushover (and because I can’t stand the thought or sight of him in his crib, standing up and crying big crocodile tears while reaching for me to hold him) I decided to just take him outside with him while I cleaned up his stroller.

A few weeks ago, we had a bird pick a fight with itself in our front window.  ALL MORNING LONG, he pecked at his reflection in the glass.  His perch?  Christopher’s stroller.  His bathroom?  Christopher’s stroller.  I have been putting off cleaning it, so this morning I decided to spray it off with the hose then let it sun dry.  I have really been wanting to go for a walk, but I haven’t wanted to use the poopy stroller.  I used our umbrella stroller one day, but it’s hard to use if you’re wanting to walk fast.

05 22 10_0540

I laid out a blanket so Christopher didn’t have to sit on the concrete.
(And yes, that’s a [computer] mouse in his hand.  Don’t ask why - but he likes it. He is his daddy’s son!)

05 22 10_0541

But obviously I was smoking crack.  Stay on the blanket?  Ha!

He realized the concrete wasn’t too comfortable, though, and didn’t venture to far. 

When I went to turn on the water, guess what I found!

05 22 10_0545

A wild strawberry!  I was excited.  

THEN, after I washed all the bird poop (and pollen!) off the stroller, I went to wrap up my water hose, and I found MORE plants.  Except this time, it was ones I had actually planted. I just didn’t expect them to come through, cuz my thumb ain’t green - it’s poop brown.

Also - I can’t for the life of me remember what these are called.  I know I planted one elephant ear, then I planted several of these little leafy looking plants. Some were green and white, and some were green and pink.  Mom? Britney? Anybody?

Keep in mind I’m about to show you several photos of the same kind of plant.  Feel free to skip over them, because I know they’re not as exciting to everybody else as they are to me.

05 22 10_054705 22 10_0548 05 22 10_0550    05 22 10_0554   05 22 10_0551
I’m not positive, but I think that the green plant in the pic above and below (same plants just different photos) is the elephant ear.  But I’m not positive.  I’m seriously not a gardener.  There’s another plant coming up right behind it.  I think it’s the same as all the other photos, it just hasn’t started opening up yet.
05 22 10_0549
 05 22 10_0557

And this is my hydrangea that my mom planted for me last summer. She found it growing somewhere else in my yard and transplanted it to this corner and it bloomed just a few weeks later!  It’s really grown a lot since, but no blooms yet this year.

05 22 10_0546

Christopher crawled over to the stroller after I was done washing it and had pushed it over to the concrete to dry.  He wanted to play in the water dripping from it.  Then he discovered wet grass on the wheels. (You can see it on his right hand.  This was after I told him not to eat it.)  Then he found about 3 rocks and tried to eat them.  At that point, Mommy decided that “outside time” was over.

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