Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baby Crawling Contest/Front Page News!

Last Saturday morning, Stephen and I got up early (7am) to go to the Farmer’s Market.  Stephen was really looking forward to getting some tomatoes, and I thought it would be a fun experience.  We loaded up Christopher (it was SO hard to wake him up when he was still sleeping peacefully) and headed downtown to where the Farmer’s Market is held.  When we got there, there was only ONE little old farmer there selling squash and zucchini -- but no tomatoes.  I think the Market must have been canceled that day because it was the same day as the Lum & Abner Festival at the park.  Stephen bought a few veggies from the sweet man at the Market, then we came back home and started getting ready to go to the Festival.  There was a Baby-Crawling contest at 10:00 and we were going to enter Christopher in it!  Poor guy -- by the time we left our house at 9:30, he had been up for two hours and was getting tired. 

When we got to the park we found my parents, Ty, and Britney, and a few minutes later Deanna showed up.  We walked around and waited for the contest to start.  My mom had to really work to keep poor C-Monster from falling asleep!

The contest started a few minutes late (of course!) but we finally got all the babies into position and OFF they went!

I’m sure Christopher thought we were crazy.  My mom, dad, brother, Britney, Deanna, and I were all crouched down at the “finish line” screaming and acting like crazy people (I was luring him with a pacifier!) and he was just looking at us like crazy.  When he got about a foot away from the finish line, he stopped and just started at us.  Finally my mom suggested that we back up some more so that we were further way from him, and when we did he crawled over the line.

06 04 10_0699

06 04 10_0700

This video cracks me up!  I love the way my dad is cheering Christopher on but as soon as he crosses the finish line, Dad walks away quickly like -- I need to get away from those crazy ladies! Hahaha!

It was really fun, and Christopher got SECOND place!  (But the first place baby was 15 months old and could walk, so she really shouldn’t have been in it -- walkers weren’t technically allowed! Ha!)  We spent a few more minutes looking through the vendors and at some of the old hot rods, then decided to come home. We live just about 2.5 miles from the park, and Christopher fell asleep in his carseat before we even turned down our road. 

Thursday morning, after Stephen got to work, he sent me a text telling me that our son’s picture was on the front page of The Mena Star, our weekly newspaper!  I also got a phone call from a friend telling me.  After I went in to work that night I found a paper, and there was the CUTEST picture of Christopher crawling down the carpet towards the finish line.  He had the sweetest smile on his face and looked so excited to be crawling towards all his crazy family.  So sweet!

06 10 10_0658

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  1. So much fun and such good memories! I love you, Christopher!



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