Thursday, December 24, 2009

Speer Christmas '09

So - last night we did Christmas gift exchange with my family.  Tonight we are doing dinner and a small gift exchange with Stephen's mom.  Tomorrow morning we're doing a brunch with my family (minus Britney) and then in the afternoon we'll head to Texas for my mom's side of the family's big get-together.  Then next weekend we'll get to my brother-in-law & sister-in-law for Christmas/New Year.  We had a great time last night!  Stephen and I are blessed with wonderful families!

First off - this is me at my first Christmas - 2 1/2 months old, and Christopher at 4 months old. So many people think he looks like his Daddy, but I think he looks alot like me!

The tree...

The absolutely ADORABLE stocking that my mother spent HOURS making for C!
My brother and I both have stockings like this {I will show a picture of them later, I didn't take any last night} and I am so glad my little boy has one now too.  He will use this for the rest of his life!

One of Stephen's gifts - 1 "AA" battery.
I got the same thing... it was the first gift we opened and we had NO IDEA what was going on.  They were from my bro & sis and they were like, "well, we wanted to get you something, but we had a tight budget...."  Ummm..K?

C wearing a cute little hat that matches an outfit that B got him.

SHOES!  I knew I was getting these - my feet stretched during pregnancy and these are 1/2 size bigger than my old shoes. I wore them today and they are SO much more comfy for my little toesies!

C got a BUMBO from Granna and Papaw!
He looks like such a little man here!

Stevo got a saw from my parents.
He had mentioned wanting one...
I'll let you know what he does with it.  Haha.

C seemed to like the bows and ribbons more than anything else!

Cookbook!  I always get a cookbook from my mom for Christmas!

And a new Bible!

A noisemaker! Yay!

I've been needing these for awhile for a blank spot on my walls! Whoohoo!

Stephen opening up our last present of the night - to us from my parents.

A remote!

{it was a "joint gift" from my whole family.  that's the reason for the 2 "AA" batteries. so sweet!}
C pulling some wrapping off a gift.  He liked to pull the paper off then, of course, stick it in his mouth.

He got new shoes! They are Tommy Hilfigers and are TOO CUTE!

I'll post our pictures from my mother-in-law's tonight after we're done... but for now - Merry Christmas Eve!

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