Friday, December 4, 2009

Angel Tree

So -- just in case you didn't know, I'm a huge fan of Kelly over at Kellys Korner.  She is such an inspiration and she is a great Christian woman to look up to.  I have really learned a lot since I started reading her blog a year ago and I have loved watching Harper grow up.  Kelly is just a really amazing woman who inspires me with every blog she posts.  She recently went on a mission trip with a ministry called Compassion to El Salvador, and since she got back she has been talking alot about sponsoring children through Compassion, donating money to charities like Compassion, or finding some way to give to others - even if it's just volunteering your time.  Recently Kelly shared that her family is not going to exchange Christmas gifts this year - instead, they are going to donate what they would spend to Compassion. Stephen and I cannot really afford to sponsor a child, so I have been thinking alot about how I might could give to someone else this holiday season.

Yesterday, I walked by an Angel Tree at Walmart.  I immediately knew that I would LOVE to give to a child in need in my own community.  I looked for the youngest boy on the tree and found a 7-month-old in need of shirts, pants, socks, and diapers.  I told Stephen that I wanted to buy for this little boy instead of receiving gifts for myself this year.  SO we bought a big pack of diapers, a box of wipes, three outfits, one package of socks, and one heavy coat for some 7-month-old boy who we (possibly) don't even know.  And seriously, I was SO happy when we were checking everything out and turning it into the service desk at Walmart.  I was just ELATED! Stephen and I will not be getting each other gifts this year, but it was totally worth it.  I hope we can do this every year - maybe we will eventually be able to afford to do it AND buy each other some small gifts too.  I would definitely recommend that YOU go find an Angel Tree or other Christmas Charity and give to others in need.  It will make you smile for weeks!

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