Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rollin, rollin, rollin...

Big news in the Olmstead household...  Christopher rolled over for the FIRST TIME today!  You know how I took a personal leave from work so that I could stay home with him and not miss all the little first time things?  Yeah - well while I was working out at Curves today and my mom was watching Christopher, he rolled over not ONCE, but FOUR times with her! Of course he would.  She was so excited to tell me and show me when I got home though, I didn't really mind.  And he was so proud of himself!  I got the camera out to take a video of it this evening, and I put him down on his tummy - but before I could even turn the camera on he'd already flipped over to his back!  It's so funny too because he realizes it's super-simple and he doesn't even have to put any energy into anymore, after a good month of grunting and groaning trying to push himself over.  It's like - easy schmeasy! He is growing SO so much and it makes me sad and happy at the same time.

{Sorry it's got the huge black boxes on either side - I took the video with my camera and I did it holding the camera portrait instead of landscape, so I had to rotate so that you didn't have to turn your head to view it, so this is what it looks like after flipping it.  At least you don't have to tilt your head to the side to see it, though!}

We had a great Christmas!  It flew by and of course we enjoyed it, but truthfully I was more looking forward to next Christmas because I know C will have so much more fun and understand things a little better.  We went to my mother-in-law's house on Christmas Eve, but we took about 6 pictures before my camera battery went dead.  We got some great things though!  Christopher got some of those crinkle books for babies - he LOVES them.  The whole time we were there he was crinkling it and chewing on it and just wouldn't put it down!  He loves it still - so, great present, Nana!  He got a few other books, stuffed animals, diapers, (yay!) etc.  Stephen and I got a shop vac, pajamas, a new Bible, 2 Wii games - one of which is the Biggest Loser "game."  Yeah, right.  More like having Jillian Michaels in your living room as your personal trainer.  It's tough!  I know if we stick to it we'll be able to see results, though. Stephen and I are both doing it, and after just 2 workouts we are sore sore sore!

We leave for Utah a week from tomorrow and I am already freaking out about packing and traveling.  I hope and pray that everything goes smoothly.  We are really excited about visiting Stephen's family!

{All the pictures we took on Christmas Eve pretty much looked like this. Either I didn't look good, or C-Man didn't. Then, big flashing battery sign.  Next year I'll remember to charge the battery beforehand!}

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