Thursday, December 10, 2009

Branson, ER, HP!!!

This is gonna be really quick and (picture-less) because we're leaving for Branson TONIGHT!  C is sleeping so I am running around trying to make sure I've taken care of everything while is he napping. I hope he sleeps on the way there tonight... it will make the trip {and our lives} so much easier!

I took a trip to the ER yesterday morning with gallbladder problems again.  I had flare-ups a few times after C was born, but nothing as bad as yesterday morning.  I had an ultrasound done and I don't have gallstones, which is good.  They suspect I just have  "dysfunction gallbladder" which means watch my diet (don't have an excessive amount of fried or spicy foods) and I should be fine.  Hopefully we won't have any more problems.  (Seriously - I felt like I was in labor again.  It HURT.) And hopefully I won't need to have it removed!

Lastly... go HERE  to find out how to win an AWESOME HP laptop!  This a giveaway that Kelly is doing - HOW FUN AND AWESOME IS THAT?!?  I would SOOO love a new latop!  And this one is NICE! 

Have a great weekend... we're off to Branson in just 4 or 5 hours!

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  1. Saw your blog on Kellys Korner...Your son is precious! I love your blog! Hope your feeling better!


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