Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Four Months (Four Days Late)


You are getting to be so big and cuddly.  Every day seems to bring some new discovery or adventure for you and your momma loves experiencing each and every one of them!  I am excited for your first Christmas in just a few days, but I am even more excited about Christmas NEXT year when you're a little older and more into unwrapping gifts and playing with toys!

{Somehow the individual pictures of him in his crib didn't make it onto this post, and I'm not on my laptop right now, so I'll have to add them later!}

You met Santa for the first time in Branson, Missouri, at the Bass Pro Shop at The Landing!
{The shirt says, "Who needs Santa, I've got grandparents!}

You have been really watching us lately when we are eating and drinking.  A few days before you turned 4 months, you leaned forward to try to get a bite of something Momma was eating!  This is a picture of you ready to start chowing down on your first bowl of cereal!

You weren't really sure what to do with it!  Ha!  We've tried it a couple of times now and you're getting better, but mostly you still prefer to drink from a bottle.  We've added rice cereal to your bottles and you just slurp it down!  In just 2 short months we'll start you on baby food!  I'm having fun deciding what your *first* food will be!  Green beans?  Avocados?  Peas?  We'll see!

You had your four-month appointment today!

--You weight 18 pounds, 6.5 ounces
-- You're 26.25 inches long
--You are ticklish on the sides of your belly AND the bottoms of your feet!  It is SO precious!
--You are SO observant.  With food, your surroundings, our mouths - you watch everything we do and try to mimick us.  You have even tried "talking" and I have a video I'm going to upload soon that will just BLOW some folks AWAY!
--You went on your first family vacation to Branson last weekend, and you did great!  It messed up your sleeping pattern a little bit, but we are getting back into the hang of things now.
--I think you're starting to teeth.  You are CONSTANTLY.CHEWING.ON.YOUR.HANDS.  And you've been waking up more during the middle of the night.  You'll spit your paci out and stick your hand in your mouth and it wakes you up.
--You're wearing size 3 diapers.
--You are wearing 6 month clothing.  (3-6 month onesies are still fine, but most 3-6 month pants are too short. I think you'll be wearing mostly 6-9 months pretty soon!)
--You are 100% on formula now.  You weaned so easily!  I think you did alot better weaning that Momma did.  I was a trainwreck!  I am so glad I was able to nurse you for as long as I did and wish I had been able to do it longer, but you are just such a big, growing boy and I wasn't able to keep up with you!
--You LOVE your jumparoo.  It is a lifesaver and I love it too!  You are becoming much more independent.
--You can sit and stand with help.  I think you may be getting a Bumbo for Christmas, *wink wink* and I think you will really like it!
--In just 2 weeks you'll be flying for the first time to meet your grandparents and great-grandparents out in Utah!  We are excited but nervous about that trip and praying that everything goes well!
--You are the light of my life {and your Daddy's too!} and I thank God every day for sending you to us!

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