Friday, November 20, 2009

Show Us Your Pets!

So -- today is "Show Us Your Pets" over at Kelly's Korner's weekly "Show Us Your Life" blog.
I usually don't participate (although I love reading other people's Show Us Your Life blogs) but of course I HAVE to blog about my puppy babies!

I'm sure most people who read this blog know about my Silky Terrier, Baxter. 

BUT, did you know that Stephen and I also have an American Eskimo named Kodi and a Boxer named Bella?  They're our outdoor dogs. Once upon a time, we had a Yorkie named Zoe... but after we brought Christopher home, she started acting out (peeing on the carpets, pulling out trash, chewing things, etc) and we decided that it was in her best interest to go live with her Nana (Stephen's mom).  She is the middle dog in the middle picture in the collage below.  We miss her, but she is much happier at Nana's house!

So -- these are our puppy babies!

Before I had Baxter, I had a beautiful, wonderful, precious Silky named Toby.  He was like a CHILD to me.  He was killed by another dog when he was just a year old.  It was a really rough for me when he died, so my ex-boyfriend bought me Baxter to help me cope.  Baxter is Toby's half-brother.  I will always miss him!


  1. My granddogs are all so beautiful!


  2. Hi! I'm Kelly's Korner's Mom and I just read your comment on her post about Thanksgiving food. I wanted to tell you that Buttermilk pie is a favorite of mine and Kelly doesn't know it but she will be eating that for dessert at my house on Thanksgiving!! har

    I see you are from Mena. I grew up in De Queen and remember coming to Mena for football games and to Wilamena State park when I was in Girl Scouts! (In the dark ages!!)

    Have a great Thanksgiving! Your doggie is CUTE!


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