Monday, November 9, 2009

Happenings at the Olmstead House

This is just a random update...
here are a few things that have happened in the Olmstead household in the last week or so.

(1) We've started supplementing with formula.  This really pretty much just broke my heart.
Going back to work at walmart -- working 8 hour days -- just really messed up my body, and I wasn't able to provide enough milk for Christopher.  (It killed me to come home from work to a hungry boy and not be able to nurse him.  Sad, sad sad.) I hated having to do this, but I guess I couldn't let him starve.  And, I'm only supplementing -- I still nurse as often as I possibly can, and usually we mix formula with milk that I've pumped.

(2) The weather finally cooperated and we got to break out the stroller and go for a walk!  This was something I really looked forward to when I was pregnant.  We tried it once or twice after he was born, but he wasn't comfortable at the angle the carseat sat in he stroller.  Now that he is (almost 100%) control of his head, it was easier on him and so much fun!  We walked to Nana's house - but she wasn't there, so we walked back home!

(3)Stephen gave Christopher a bath!
Christopher L-O-V-E-S bathtime... so sweet and cute!

(Stephen politely "edited" this picture for Christopher's sake.)

(4)We made arrangements for TWO vacations!  Our first family vacation will be to Branson in December.  We are going with my family (Mom, Dad, Ty, and Britney) and Stephen's mom.  We will go to Silver Dollar City (which is beautiful during Christmas!) and do some shopping and get some FRESH HOT Krispy Kreme donuts.  YYYUUUUMMMM.  (That's pretty much all I care about doing! Ha!)
Then in JANUARY we are FLYING (EEEK!) to Utah to visit Stephen's dad and his wife and Stephen's paternal grandparents.  (C is their first great-grandchild!)  They have all only seen Christopher though pictures and I have never met Stephen's grandparents, so it will be a special time for all of us.  I am super excited about this but SO nervous too!  I have only flown one other time in my life (Little Rock to Orlando and back) and I am especially nervous about flying with a baby.  BUT, he is such a great baby and rarely fussy, so I think (and pray) that everything will be fine!

Baxter is upset about us leaving him for a week, but I think he will be just fine at his Granny's house!

(4) Had I taken this pic a few seconds sooner, you would have seen C's fingers in his mouth. I am seeing a lot of this now!  He pretty much sticks his fingers as far as he can and usually gags himself in the process. 

(5)And lastly - you'll thank me because I didn't get a picture of this - Stephen and I got salmonella poisoning from some undercooked chicken.  We were both pretty sick yesterday (me worse than him) but we are feeling a little better today, thank goodness!  That is NOT something I want to re-live!
(We had been given some breaded chicken that we thought was pre-cooked, so Stephen just threw it in the deep fryer for... well, obviously not long enough.  Then, I ate it in our extremely dim living room in the floor, drenching it in honey mustard and ranch.  After I had already eating about THREE pieces and Stephen was starting on his second or third piece, he realized it was not cooked all the way through.  It was gross, gross, gross!)

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