Monday, November 30, 2009

catch up!

So -- I haven't blogged in, like, forever.

Or a weekish.  Whatever.

Thanksgiving was good!  Fried turkey, my mom's potato casserole, green bean bundles, rolls -- what's not to like?  After we had lunch at my parents house, we headed down to Texas to see my mom's family and they all got to meet Christopher.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a camera.  Ugh... I was so mad at myself!  But we had a great time seeing family and eating leftovers and I'm looking forward to Christmas!

Stephen and I hung out at the house all day Saturday and had a wonderfully relaxing lazy day!  Sunday was church with my parents, Papas for lunch, and then my mom took C while I went and did grocery shopping, then we just hung out at her house for most of the afternoon.  He had the cutest little outfit on for church... but again, I forgot to take pictures.  I have GOT to get back into the habit of taking pictures of him!  Poor guy, he is probably going to have retina damage from flashes going off in his face all the time. Haha.

Today we had a special treat -- Christopher's Uncle Jim and Aunt Cristin (Stephen's brother and his wife) got to stop by on their way home (Fort Worth) from Eureka Springs/Branson.  They spent about an hour with him.  And no - I didn't take pictures.  UUUGH.

Lastly - tonight I was invited to go play Bunco with a big group of ladies who get together once a month to play.  I had tried playing with Stephen and his mom this summer but we just didn't really "get" it.  I learned how to play tonight and had SO much fun!  AND I won first place!  HA!  Beginners luck.  It is definitely a game that is best played with lots of people.  Christopher went with me and was passed around from lady to lady and he did so great - he is such a happy, perfect baby and I KNOW I am so very blessed.

My next post will have lots and lots of pictures.  I promise!

Gonna go glue the camera to my hand now...

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  1. We loved having you!!! And he was an absolute angel-baby! =)


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