Saturday, August 1, 2009

sympathy blog

Ok guys, this is a sympathy blog. My poor feet are SO swollen... I can only wear a pair of crocs, and even those create indentions of the top of my feet if I wear them very long. My feet are actually sensitive to touch!
My swollen feet/ankles/legs...

Scary looking, huh??

In the second picture, I'm bending my toes. That's all I can do!

And.... here is my changing table after I put some baskets in it. I realize there are two empty ones, I'm sure that'll change quickly enough! I also still need a changing pad.

It's August 1st -- I didn't think I'd still be pregnant at this point, but here we are! My due date is 13 days away, but I want for him to be here just as soon as his little lungs are ready, because I have some important decisions to make and they are all based on when Christopher comes, and the sooner the better!
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  1. Yikes! It looks like you're getting preeclampsia!
    When do you go back to the dr?
    Take it easy for the sweet baby!

  2. Holy Crap Steph! Yikes! I'm sorry! :(

  3. You need to keep those feet up, Girl! Take care of yourself, preeclampsia is NOT fun, believe me!

    Oh and I have a changing pad, with a cover, that I think MAY have been used two or maybe three times only. You are more than welcome to it.


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