Monday, August 10, 2009

I need your help! And... a giveaway!

Ok, guys. I have decided that I am going to become uber-organized like Kristy and try this whole "monthly meal plan" that she's got going on. I think it's a great idea... I just don't know how well I can stick to it, especially with a newborn. BUT I'M GONNA TRY!

Here's the problem -- Stephen can't eat beef. He's allergic. Weird, I know. He hasn't always been allergic - and we don't even know for sure that it's beef he's allergic to, or some preservative they use in beef - but everytime he eats beef, he has a horrible allergic reaction.(Breaks out in hives, can't breathe, etc... scary stuff.) This is a problem that's just popped up since he moved to Arkansas six years ago. Poor guy, he misses steaks, hamburgers, and fajitas - but it's just not worth the risk.

SO, all that being said - you can imagine how it can be hard to prepare a month's menu without involving any beef. Now throw in the fact that he doesn't eat pork either, (for religious purposes) and we're left with 30 days of meals using CHICKEN or TURKEY as the main dish.

I love me some chicken. But it gets old eating it every. single. meal.

AND to top everything off, I'm a pretty picky eater. I think Stephen could get by with being a vegetarian - but not me! It's not because I love meat all that much, it's just 'cause I don't like vegetables all that much!

So I'm asking for your ideas and help and recipes for beef -free and pork-free dishes. Keep in mind that for alot of dishes, we can use turkey in place of beef - like with Hamburger Helper - we just use ground turkey meat. (I honestly can't tell the difference, plus it's better for you than beef.) So, any casseroles that require hamburger meat - throw 'em at me!

ALSO keep in mind that I am probably not going to use recipes that require onions or peppers, unless I can pick around them. Because I think they're yucky. =)



Shauna is having a 100th blog post giveaway! I think blog giveaways are SO FUN and I can't wait till my 100th post so that I can do one! (I am at 86 or 87 posts right now, so it won't be much longer!) Shauna is giving away some neat baby items so head on over to her site and sign up for it!

I'll post as soon as possible tomorrow!


  1. You guys are just out of luck then. LOL just kidding. I have a lot of recipes on my recipe blog. Its on the sidebar if you haven't seen it.

  2. I rarely cook Steph, so i'm of no help. sorry...I can give you some great dessert recipes! That's the main thing I do well if I cook! :)


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