Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Stephen!

Today is my wonderful Hubby's 29th birthday!

We have had a wonderful weekend together - it's our last weekend together as just the two of us! He had Friday & Saturday off and we just spent those two days relaxing and pretty much doing whatever he wanted to do since he had to work today. I kept telling him, "We can do whatever YOU want to do. It's your birthday weekend!" because I am a nerd that way. (I love celebrating birthdays.)

I didn't get pictures of him opening gifts, but he got new shoes, a Lowe's gift card, and a WalMart gift card from his parents and in-laws.... From me, he got a new toolbox and Chrome cologne (my favorite!) He would have gotten a few more gifts from Christopher and me, but seeing as how I have been on house arrest, I had to give him gifts I had bought before I was put on rest. He will probably get a few more gifts from Christopher after he's born!

I am so thankful for Stephen. He is a wonderful husband who puts up with ALOT from me. He has especially been wonderful these last few weeks while I've been on rest. He's made me lunches and dinners, cleaned house and nested for me... shopped, run errands -- plus worked 40 hour weeks -- all while I've sat at home on my boo-tay with my feet up! He's been wonderful and put up with my crappy attitude and listened to me cry and whine about college, work, and pregnancy. I love him so very much and hope he had a wonderful birthday/birthday weekend!

We've been joking pretty much my whole pregnancy about Christopher coming on Stephen's birthday and Stephen having to share birthdays with his son! It would actually be kind of neat - Stephen just said that he would never get a birthday again because it would always be about Christopher, which is true. Unless I go into labor and deliver Christopher in the next 30 minutes, Stephen doesn't have to worry about sharing his birthday with his son!

Please pray for me - that I go into labor naturally and soon, because I do not want to be induced, but that is probably what will happen if I haven't had him by TUESDAY, which is less than 48 hours away! I'm going to be on edge tonight and tomorrow, but I know things will go fine even if I am induced later this week.

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