Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Yesterday, we took a trip to ACH in Little Rock for Christopher’s specialist appointment.photo 1 (1)
On our way there – blurry, but he does this thing now where he puts his hand under his chin and says “CHEEEESE!”

About a month ago, during bath time, I noticed a big lump/knot in Christopher’s pelvic area. It scared me – a lot. I have a grandfather who had testicular cancer, so yeah. Scared me.  When I went to show it to Stephen a few hours later, it was gone. Weird, right?

photo 2 (4)
Taking a picture in the wavy mirror.

Within the next few weeks, I saw it again, as well as my mom and Stephen. It would just show up at random times. Sometimes it was big, sometimes it was small. It wasn’t always in the same exact spot. We made an appointment with our family doctor – which happened to work out well because that’s when Christopher was sick with a cough and an ear infection. The lump wasn’t there when he went to our doctor, but my mom did have a picture of it and showed the picture to our doctor. He made a guess that it was cryptorchidism.

photo (2)
His “bracelet.”

We met with a pediatric surgeon at ACH yesterday who confirmed that it is, in fact, cryptorchidism. The solution is surgery – an orchiopexy, to be exact. We have scheduled the surgery to be March 29th. It should be a fairly simple surgery and should not require a hospital stay. There is a possibility that they may have to do it in two stages, but they will not know if that’s the case until he is under anesthesia and they actually go in there. The surgeon said that more than likely, it would not require a second surgery.

photo 3 (2)
Bracelet I bought a few weeks ago. ($4 on Groopdealz – yay!) I thought it was appropriate for our appointment yesterday.

We are so thankful that it is nothing more serious than this.  We are also thankful for Arkansas Children’s Hospital! They are one of the best children’s hospitals in the nation and I know that Christopher will be in the best hands possible for his surgery. I’m nervous – don’t get me wrong – but it could be so much worse. We saw some seriously sick kids yesterday. Makes our problem seem very minor.
photo 4 (1)
Exhausted from a long day – he was alseep before we got out of Little Rock city limits!

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