Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Randoms and Pictures

Christopher has been battling a cough for the past 2-3 weeks. It started mainly at night and worked its way into a full-blown cold complete with coughing ‘round the clock, an extremely snotty nose, and fever. Our internship program has a (semi-)strict policy of not missing more than two days throughout the entire semester (obviously, they will work with you if you have extreme circumstances) so I had my mom take Christopher to the doctor today. He originally had an appointment for yesterday, but our dusting of snow yesterday caused the whole town to shut down. Not that I’m really complaining. I loved having a snow day yesterday and got a lot accomplished here at the house.

Anyway. Mom took Christopher to the doctor today. He has a mild ear infection in one ear (first ear infection EVER. at least that we know of.) and he was given a prescription for that and the coughing. Thankfully, he didn’t have RSV, which is what I was worried about. He was running a 102 temp when we got home this afternoon which bothers me… but hopefully with the two different prescriptions plus Dimetapp plus Children’s Advil… well, hopefully between all that he will start feeling better soon. He has been SUCH a healthy child up to now that I’m not really quite sure what to do when he is sick with a fever or cough.  We also have an appointment with Arkansas Children’s Hospital on February 27th concerning a different issue with Christopher. (More about that later.)

I’ve barely seen my husband on this Valentine’s Day. He always helps me get Christopher ready to go in the mornings. He gets C up and dressed and takes him out to the car for me while I am running around making myself breakfast and lunch and loading up the car with my junk important things for school. We said our “drive safelys” and “love yous” this morning while rushing around and I didn’t even remember that it was Valentine’s day until I heard something about it on the radio on my way to school. I called Stephen and told him happy Valentine’s day. So romantic! He had school today then stopped at an out-of-town game that happened to be on his way home from school and of course he will have a late night at the paper tonight.

Christopher had two big Valentine’s Day parties scheduled for today, but he missed his daycare one since he went to my mom’s house and then when we got home from mom’s his temp was 102 – so I chose not to take him to his other party that was scheduled for 6:00 tonight at a local hot dog joint. I felt bad missing out on the parties but I figured he didn’t feel up to going out plus I would hate to get any other kids sick, too. I’m hoping that his fever is gone for good in the morning so I don’t have to worry about sending him to daycare tomorrow.

We had leftover Chicken Enchiladas for dinner. This was a recipe I found on Pinterest and attempted last night. We enjoyed it and it is probably something that we will make again. It’s pretty easy and quick and it could also be made ahead of time and frozen, which I love.

I’m feeling a bit sick to my stomach tonight (not sure if it is nerves or too much candy from the day) so I am going to leave you with a few iPhone pictures and I am going to settle down and watch some TV then go to bed.

photo 1 (5)BigSexyHair root pump plus mousse volumizer. It has changed my life. (Just kidding. Sort of.)

photo 1 (1)The C-Monster and me after my week-long stay in Arkadelphia for Internship Orientation. We were SO happy to see each other!

photo 2 (4)1) Big boy bed. We moved him into it when we moved into our new (my mother-in-law’s old) house. We have not had one single problem with the transition. Praise.The.Lord.
2) I have no idea why his sock is on his hand. It was not there when I tucked him it. Crazy.Child.
3) Can you tell I’m addicted to Instagram?

photo 2 (7)Woop Woop!

photo 2 (8)

I bought new Toms on Thursday. Wore them on Friday. It rained on Friday morning and this is what my shoes looked like before school even started. Story of my freaking life.

photo 3 (2)I found this mask when cleaning out a drawer of my MILs. Christopher thinks it’s hilarious.

photo 3 (3)
Did you know I can type 92 wpm with a 98% accuracy rate? No? Well, I can.

photo 4 (1)
Chicken Enchiladas 

photo 4 (2)The weekend of the Super Bowl I had the stomach bug from you-know-where. It was AWFUL. That Saturday morning I woke up feeling nauseous and Stephen had ball games to cover out-of-town. Thankfully, my brother and Britney had stayed the night with us that Friday night and they were kind enough to take Christopher with them while they ran errands on Saturday morning. While they were out and about, Christopher informed them that he was hungry and when they asked him what he wanted for lunch, he responded with “Papas!” So off to Papa’s Mexican CafĂ© they went. Christopher ended up spending Saturday night with my mom and this is the picture she texted me before they left for church on Sunday morning. BIG boy. So handsome. And grown up. (I keep telling him to stop, but he doesn’t listen to me.)

photo 5 (1)
Being sweet with Baxter.

photo 5And just a few days later – he covered him all up with towels. I guess he thought he was cold and needed a few blankets? Sweet Baxter – he is SO good with Christopher.

photo 3 (4)And last but certainly not least – my sweet Valentine’s Day message in last week’s edition of the Ouachita Trading Post. I love my hubby! <3

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  1. I still need to try that bigsexyhair and Christopher is so darn cute but you know that already!!!


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