Thursday, March 1, 2012

weekend fun

If you consider cleaning fun, of course.

Last Saturday, Stephen had do leave around 8:30 to go to a tournament several hours away. Christopher was up early that day so I decided to make pancakes for breakfast before Stephen left for the day. I didn’t think to get any pictures of the pancakes… but they were yummy!

After Stephen left, Christopher and I got busy cleaning the house. Well, I got busy cleaning the house. Christopher has always been really good about independent play, and he’s getting to the age now where he is content to play in his room instead of dragging everything out into the living room or wherever else. He also likes to help me fold towels or take laundry from the dryer to the living room to fold. I had washed, dryed, and put away (!!!!!) three loads of laundry by noon on Saturday! That’s big for me.

It was a gorgeous day on Saturday, so after Christopher woke up from his nap, we headed outdoors to do some projects/cleaning outside.




Both these pictures (above and below) are of Christopher saying CHEEEEESE.
He cracks me up.
He sometimes doesn’t let me take pictures of him – but when he does, he always says CHEEEESE,
then he says ME SEE! and wants to look at the picture.






Another one – you can’t tell he’s saying CHEESE as much in this picture, but he has his hands underneath his chin, which (I mentioned in my last post) he also does frequently when I take his picture.


We got so much accomplished that day and we had lots of fun in the process. That afternoon, my family came over to help with a few projects (replacing our old thermostat with a new digital one, hanging new blinds in C’s room, and replacing some door knobs) and we ordered pizza for dinner. Stephen got home late – midnight – and I had just gone to bed when he got home. He got up with Christopher the next morning and I slept until 10:38 on Sunday morning! I was exhausted from such a long day of cleaning a projects the day before, I guess.. ha!

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